Career Resources

Income and salary information for economics majors
Information that we've gathered on salaries for economics majors in a variety of careers.

Career options for economics and applied math-econ majors
These pages describe the types of jobs that economic majors often select.

Graduate study in economics and related disciplines
This provides information that is of interest to economics students interested in applying to graduate school.

Career information and job search tools on the web
A collection of links to online job search tools.

Women's career information tools
This contains links to career information of particular interest to women.

Job Resource Center
This site, provided by AfterCollege, contains job information specific to Applied Mathematical Economics majors.


Online Resources

Economics Blogs
Links to economics blogs.

Classic works in economics and political economy
A collection of links to online editions of classic texts in economics and political economy.

Economics textbooks available online
Texts distributed on the internet.

Data sources
Find economic data and statistics online for use in research projects.

Economics journals
This is one of the most extensive collections of links to economic journals on the internet. In most cases, the home pages for the journals provide tables of contents for recent and forthcoming issues. Quite often, however, you can also find the full text of selected articles on line.

Economic associations
Visit the web sites of some of the major economic associations. Find out about their activities, conferences, membership, and related information.

Economic consulting and forecasting services
The home pages of economic consulting and forecasting firms often contain useful collections of statistics and links to economic resources.

Economic institutes and research organizations
The home pages for economic institutes and research organizations generally contain useful information (and occasionally data) on topics related to their past and ongoing research projects.

Economics Quotes
Dr. T. provides this collection of links to websites containing economics-related quotations.

Economic working papers and bibliographies on the net
The links contained on this page allow you to examine current research on a wide variety of economic topics.

Ingentai (formerly CARL's UnCover)
This service allows you to search for economics periodical articles.

Locating economists, economics departments, colleges, and universities on the web
This page contains links to lists and directories of economists, economics department, and universities.

Econometric Resources
This page is designed to assist students and professional economists conduct econometric research. It contains an extensive collection of links to data sources and information about econometric software packages.

International agencies on the web
These pages contain useful information for those interested in international economics and development economics.

Single topic economic sites
A growing collection of links to pages dealing with specific economic fields. The links are sorted by topics ranging from A - V (Agricultural economics to Virtual Library on MicroCredit).

Newsgroups and listserv groups for economists
This provides links to the major newsgroups and listservs on topics related to economics.

Visit the electronic markets at the University of Iowa.
Here you can participate in an electronic futures market (minimum purchase = $5) dealing with election outcomes and other topics.

Job Openings for Economists
A collection of links to the major sources of job listings for professional economists. These lists are primarily directed at those possessing a graduate degree in economics. (Those interested in job prospects for those with a bachelor's degree may wish to visit our career information pages.)

Examine the holdings of libraries using their home pages. (This includes the Library of Congress.)

Media on the web
Links to the home pages of newspapers, news magazines, news services, and television networks.

Publishers of economics texts
Find information on economics texts (and associated internet resources) at these sites.

Financial market information
Information on stock prices, interest rates, and financial markets.

Other economics related home pages.

Visit some of the primary sites containing links to internet resources for economists.

Federal, State, and Local government sites
An extensive collection of links to government agencies.

Shareware software
Download shareware software using the links provided on this page.

Search the web
Links to the major search engines on the net.

Other interesting sites
Visit some of the other interesting places on the internet.