Kyle Piper and tornado in background

Storm Chasers

The Storm Forecasting and Observation Program is designed to teach students how to observe weather patterns and predict changes in the weather by applying their classroom learning to the forecasting and observation of actual storms. The program is scheduled to coincide with the climatological peak for tornado occurrence in the United States (late May into early June). Learn more

Student conducting research with professor

Student research

Faculty and students at Oswego collaborate on a wide range of topics, research is an important part of the curriculum in our programs and the record of awards received and presentations given at national conferences support the high quality of research that our students complete. The Lake-effect Storm Prediction & Research Center (LESPaRC) allows meteorology students to expand and apply their knowledge through research and forecasting for our clients.

Theses, presentations, published abstracts
Regional Geologic Society of America abstracts

Meteorology research
Meteorology research
Peer-reviewed publications and presentations


Various scholarships are available from the American Meteorology Society. Past winners from Oswego include the Howard T. Orville Scholarship, the AMS Industry Undergraduate Scholarship, and the AMS Industry Graduate Fellowship. For information on these awards see AMS scholarships and fellowships.


Highly Meritorious Meteorology Senior Award
The SUNY Oswego Meteorology Program offers Highly Meritorious Meteorology Senior Awards to the top graduating seniors.

Outstanding Meteorology Senior
An anonymous donor has endowed an award for the Outstanding Meteorology Senior.