Trolley plows through the snow

Then: After the college moved from downtown Oswego to its current location with the 1913 opening of the Normal School building (now Sheldon Hall), most students, professors and staff relied on city trolleys for transportation to campus. Long before the college had any residence halls or students had their own cars, trolleys bearing the members of the campus community pushed through rain, snow or any other condition. (Photo courtesy of Penfield Library's Special Collections)


Now: Today many students not only have the freedom of their own cars to take them places, they don't even need to own a car to get around. Through SUNY Oswego's partnership with Zipcar, students can rent one of these fuel-efficient vehicles by the hour or by the day. A partnership with Centro also connects many students living in Oswego, or farther afield, with the campus. (Photo by Tim Nekritz)