Dr. Sloan, explaining the art of computing

Then: This image, captioned "Dr. Sloan, showing the art of computing," appeared in the 1965 Ontarian yearbook. A 1964 story in the Palladium-Times mentioned how new technology brought time for many students to register for classes down to less than an hour: "All students filled out questionnaires for IBM data processing, which should make further improvement in the keeping of records and recording of grades in future semesters." Computers later infiltrated classrooms to help with academic work.

Damian Schofield showing 3D mapping and modeling

Now: SUNY Oswego uses computers in many ways -- online registration means students can potentially register in mere minutes -- including teaching cutting-edge technology and concepts to students. Here Damian Schofield, director of the college's innovative master's in human-computer interaction program, shows 3D modeling and mapping software to Sydney Botts. (Photo by Colin Nekritz)