Division of Graduate Studies

Graduate Assistantships
Graduate Assistantship Opportunities

Graduate Assistantships afford students the opportunity to gain a variety of valuable skills and experiences through professional work on campus. Assistantships provide financial support to full-time graduate students through part-time positions in research, special projects and administrative duties.

The Graduate Assistantships at SUNY Oswego fall into two categories based on responsibilities and time commitment.

GA20: This is our most intensive graduate assistantship and requires a commitment of approximately 20 hours per week during the semester. The duties of a GA20 are varied and include a depth of purpose and experience that makes the activity rewarding for the graduate student. For example positions may include faculty-led research or teaching a class.

GA12: This level of GA requires a time commitment of approximately 12 hours per week during the semester. The duties of a GA12 may be similar to a GA20, but generally support a more global activity in a department and often support departmental day‐to‐day activities.

A graduate assistantship is available only to graduate students who have been formally accepted into a graduate degree or certificate of advanced study (CAS) at SUNY Oswego as full‐time students. An applicant must be enrolled in 9 – 12 hours of courses required by a degree program. If the full‐time enrollment is not met after the semester starts, the graduate assistantship may be rescinded.