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Our school fosters innovative thinking.

We help today's students become tomorrow's leaders with programs that encourage innovative, dynamic collaboration and scholarly-artistic endeavors. Our students have a compelling interest in communication, the arts and self-expression. Whether your desire is to be a concert pianist, sports broadcaster,political speech writer, advertising specialist, graphic designer, theater lighting designer, TV director or painter, Oswego has a program that will let you excel.

When you look at Oswego consider these facts:

  • Our art, music and theatre programs are all nationally accredited.
  • Our programs in broadcasting, public relations, and graphic design are listed among the nation's top programs by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and the Princeton Review.
  • Facilities are state-of-the-art with many great opportunity for self-expression.
  • Alumni have had many successes at the regional, national and international level, often attaining the highest prominence in their fields.
  • Smaller studio and lab courses ensure you'll get the attention you need to succeed.

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    A Word From Our Students

    Students in our programs learn to apply theories and cutting-edge technology along with today's most current skills both in and out of class. Oswego offers exciting co-curricular opportunities to help students succeed while developing strong friendships with others who share similar passions for the creative process. Read about their time at SUNY Oswego and within the School of Communication, Media and the Arts.

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    Hollywood POV

    This is your chance to talk with producers, directors, show runners and production people who make network and syndicated television.

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    Summerfame Theater Institute

    Summerfame is an intensive musical theatre workshop for high school students.  Our 2013 program runs July 14th thru July 26th.  

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