Department of Art and Design

The SUNY Oswego Art Department, accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, aims to provide serious students of art with the tools needed to create foundations for the future. The department seeks ambitious students who wish to gain knowledge through hands-on experiences, combining art history and contemporary developments within the field to understand the past and speculate upon the future.

By working with both studio and graphic arts, students are given opportunities to expand their artistic horizons, define and use current methodologies and firmly grasp the importance of their work in multiple aspects of modern society. Students and faculty boldly explore the tangible and the rhetorical dimensions of art.
At Oswego, students can elect degree programs that include the bachelor of arts (BA) in studio art, art history, and graphic design; the bachelor of fine arts (BFA) in studio art or graphic design; and the master's in art teaching (MAT) in art education. There is also the opportunity to earn a minor in museum studies, arts management or expressive arts therapy.

Mission statement

It is the goal of the SUNY Oswego Art Department to see that our students are given the tools they need to build the foundation for their future careers in the art world. With help from our caring faculty, students will receive a high-quality education encompassing graphic and studio arts, art history and social contexts. Through experience- and classroom-based learning, we prepare students for careers that will challenge and inspire them. By promoting both intensified individual study and team collaboration, we enable our students to decide how they best learn, and how to work with multiple departments and on inter-media productions. We in the Art Department firmly believe that by teaching our students how to take charge of their own projects, and thusly their own lives, they will be better equipped to inform others and create new and better visions of tomorrow.