Rights and responsibilities

Student rights

Humane care and treatment
Students are treated with dignity and consideration and their beliefs and convictions are respected.

Competent treatment
Health care is delivered by qualified professionals and all referrals are made to qualified providers as needed.

Accurate information
Diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of illness or health-related conditions will be discussed. Patient education will include recommendations and instructions for achieving and maintaining good health.

Confidentiality regarding disclosures and records
Written permission is required before releasing any information or records to anyone not directly connected with your care. Permission is offered for episodic illness only in order to protect the confidentiality of future visits to Health Services.

Information regarding fees for service
This includes explanation of what services may be involved, charges and policies regarding method of payment.

Student responsibilities

Be honest and direct
Give accurate and honest history of your symptoms and conditions.

Seek understanding
Make sure you understand and agree with your treatment plan including: fees, laboratory tests, medication dosage and schedule, limitations and follow-up care.

Be compliant
Compliance with your treatment plan is an integral part of reaching and maintaining optimal good health. Follow the prescribed and agreed upon plan and report any change in your condition.

Practice good health habits
Become informed about healthy and safe behaviors. Know your body and recognize warning signs before you become ill. Identify and give up harmful and unhealthy habits.