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Accident and medical insurance
It is mandatory that all SUNY Oswego students have adequate health insurance. The student bill will reflect a charge for the college-sanctioned accident and sickness policy. This charge may be waived by providing proof of adequate coverage on the waiver card sent to the student by the college. Before waiving the college policy, please be sure that your insurance policy will cover outpatient medical charges in this community (i.e. labs, x-rays, medical imaging, referrals to specialists). Contact Auxiliary Services (315.312.2107) for more information. 

Confidentiality and medical records
The information placed in medical records is protected. Records are strictly confidential and not released to anyone unless:

  • The student or his/her legal agent provides the health center with written authorization to release information; this authorization to release medical information must be separate from a request to release other records, such as a transcript or placement folder.
  • The health center receives an official court-ordered subpoena demanding medical information.
  • The student has a communicable disease which is reportable by law.

Destruction of records
Records are destroyed in accordance with the State University of New York Records Retention and Disposition Manual.

Medical excuses for missed classes/exams/assignments
The health service has a long-standing policy that excuses for missed classes, exams or assignments are not written by health center personnel. Class attendance is an administrative matter between the student and the instructor. 

Medical withdrawal
Petition for medical withdrawal will be reviewed by a provider at the health center. The student's written permission is necessary for release of medical information. 

Walker Health Center maintains a list of local physicians, dentists and a variety of specialists to whom the student may be referred. There is also a nearby hospital and urgent care facility that students may use when the clinic is closed. The cost of these services is the responsibility of the student. The college health fee does not cover expenses incurred off-campus. It is the student's responsibility to attend a referral appointment or to call in advance if it is necessary to cancel the appointment.