Health fee and insurance

Services and programs offered at Health Services are supported by the mandatory health fee, which is paid as part of the college bill. Part-time and Summer School session(s) students pay the health fee on a credit hour basis.

The 2017-2018 health fee is $183/semester.

The health fee covers:

1. Health Services Center

2. Counseling Services Center

3. The Care Network events, health and wellness education

If you are student teaching, make sure you have paid the mandatory health fee. If you are in need of health care, call us so that we can accommodate you. If your intention is to receive health care at Health Services while you are student teaching, call Student Accounts at 312.2225 ASAP, or your mandatory health fee will be returned to you and you will lose your health center privileges.

Student Health Insurance
It is mandatory that all SUNY Oswego students have adequate health insurance. The student bill will reflect a charge for the college-sanctioned accident and sickness policy. This charge may be waived by providing proof of adequate insurance by submitting a copy of the insurance card and completing the insurance waiver. This waiver is to be sent to Auxiliary Services. Before waiving the college policy, please be sure that your insurance policy will cover outpatient medical charges in this community (i.e. labs, x-rays, medical imaging, referrals to specialists). 

*-Medical insurance is mandatory for all international students.

For additional information please:

Contact Auxiliary Services (315.312.2107) 

or visit Health Insurance information