BRILLIANT! Earn up to 15 credits this summer. Summer sessions allow you to free up room for internships or study abroad.”
MAGNIFICENT! Enrolling in one our hundreds of online, face-to-face or hybrid courses is a great way to get ahead or stay on schedule.”
CONVENIENT! Take online classes from wherever you are, or take classes at our beautiful lakeside campus.”
"SMART! Taking a course during Summer Sessions can help you benefit from the Oswego Graduation ROI.


Session 1:  May 21 - June 8 (3 weeks)
Session 1-2:  May 21 - June 29 (6 weeks)
Session 1-4:  May 21 - August 10 (12 weeks)
Session 2:  June 11 - June 29 (3 weeks)
Session 3:  July 2 - July 20 (3 weeks)
Session 3-4:  July 2 - August 10 (6 weeks)
Session 4:  July 23 - August 10 (3 weeks)

Course Cancellation
Courses for each session can be cancelled by the college up to 7 days before the start date of a session.*
* Date subject to change on a case-by-case basis.

New to SUNY Oswego? Not a problem - just create a myOswego account which will allow you to register and pay for undergraduate or graduate courses.  

Driver's Education Certification Program
Want more information about the Driver's Education Certification Program?  Visit the Career & Technical Educator Preparation Department  (formerly Vocational Teacher Preparation) webpage.

Deregistration for Non-Payment
Payment must be received at least 12 days prior to the start of each summer session.  If payment is not received, you will be deregistered. 

No formal payment plans are offered for summer, however you may pay one quarter of the full balance at least 12 days prior to the start date to avoid deregistration.  The remaining balance must be paid in full the start of session.


Here are some new courses that have been added to the schedule since registration began on March 19:
ACC 202:  Principles of Accounting  II, CRN 20420, On campus in Session 3-4
COM 100:  Foundations of Communication, CRN 20421, Online in Session 2
COM 210:  Critical Thinking and Public Speaking, CRN 20003, Online in Session 3
ENG 102:  Composition II, CRN 20418, Syracuse Branch Campus in Session 2
ENG 271:  Practical English Grammar. CRN 20417, Syracuse Branch Campus in Session 1
ENG 388:  Film Genre, CRN 20422, On campus in Session 1
MGT 310:  Operations Management, CRN 20416, Online in Session 2
SOC 460:  Dynamics of Prejudice and Discrimination, CRN 20413, Syracuse Branch Campus in Session 2


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