BRILLIANT! Earn up to 15 credits this summer. Summer sessions allow you to free up room for internships or study abroad.”
MAGNIFICENT! Enrolling in one our hundreds of online, face-to-face or hybrid courses is a great way to get ahead or stay on schedule.”
CONVENIENT! Take online classes from wherever you are, or take classes at our beautiful lakeside campus.”
"SMART! Taking a course during Summer Sessions can help you benefit from the Oswego Graduation ROI.


Session 1:  May 21 - June 8 (3 weeks)
Session 1-2:  May 21 - June 29 (6 weeks)
Session 1-4:  May 21 - August 10 (12 weeks)
Session 2:  June 11 - June 29 (3 weeks)
Session 3:  July 2 - July 20 (3 weeks)
Session 3-4:  July 2 - August 10 (6 weeks)
Session 4:  July 23 - August 10 (3 weeks)

Never taken a course at SUNY Oswego before? Not a problem - just create a myOswego account which will allow you to register and pay for undergraduate or graduate courses.  

Students are de-registered, from summer courses, for non-payment. 
Deadline Schedule TBA.

Want more information about the Driver's Education Certification Program?  Visit the Career & Technical Educator Preparation Department  (formerly Vocational Teacher Preparation) webpage.


Are you an incoming transfer student?  Start with Summer! and begin your SUNY Oswego career.