New Student Orientation

We are glad you have decided on SUNY Oswego as the next step in your education. To ease your transition, we host orientation programs for you and your family members to learn more about the resources, faculty, staff, students, and academics at SUNY Oswego.

We offer a well as a a specialized in-person New Student Orientation to learn about SUNY Oswego through the lens of your previous college experience. 

You will:

  • Be pre-registered for classes
  • Meet with an advisor to review classes, and make any changes to your schedule
  • Finalize financial aidReceive your new student ID card
  • Pre-arrange the purchase of your textbooks and complete your membership to the Fitness Center (optional)
  • Received your student ID card

If you have any questions regarding Orientation, please contact us at 315.312.5522 or by email at

Below are our Spring 2019 Orientation dates:

Registration starts on November 5, 2018

Program Dates:

  • Online Reservations for Friday, January 18, 2019 are now closed. Please call our office for assistance.  315-312-5522

  • Online Reservations for Friday, January 25, 2019 are now closed. Please call our office for assistance. 315-312-5522

The New Student Orientation program is required of all new, incoming transfer students. 

Students who do not attend an Orientation program and matriculate for the semester will be assessed the Orientation fee. All students who attend an Orientation program and withdraw from the College after their Orientation program will be responsible for the Orientation fee; guests of these students will also remain responsible for the guest Orientation fee. 

All new students are required to complete SUNY Oswego Essentials.

What is Oswego Essentials?

Oswego Essentials is the required, online Orientation program that you can find on your Blackboad homepage. Information on how to access and complete Essentials can be found here. Oswego Essentials is due by January 25, 2019 at 11:59 pm. 

New Student Orientation Reviews 

"Overall, orientation was successful.  It provided the necessary and essential information." - Student, Summer 2017

"I would love to say that your staff did a great job!  Very friendly!" - Student, Summer 2017

"The Laker Leaders were very helpful and I would love to become a Laker Leader myself!" - Student, Summer 2017

"I was happy that the dining hall had gluten free food for me as I am on a resticted diet." - Student, Summer 2017

"I am so glad that I attended Orientation!  The staff answered a lot of my questions and they made me feel more comfortable and less stressed." - Student, Summer 2017