Program director bridges the gap for global school community

For Angela Perrotto, after 34 years in education, speaking in front of large crowds of students is routine, but during a trip to India, Perrotto delivered her first speech at the fourth International Conference on Excellence in School Education.

Perrotto is standing with Principal Sandhya Sabu and Director Madhu Mathur, while visiting a Ryan Global School.

As Oswego’s assistant professor and chair to the Department of Educational Administration, Perrotto knows what it takes to become a well-rounded administrator in higher education. This is Perrotto’s third year in higher education and she is currently the director of SUNY Oswego’s Educational Leadership graduate certificate program.

During the first few weeks of November 2012, Perrotto traveled to India to speak at the conference about the Educational Leadership program. There were two locations for the conference, which included New Delhi, located in North India and Hyderabad, located in South India.

“My theme was Systems and Processes for a High Performing School of Education. I centered my speech around the idea of standard space,” Perrotto said. “The feedback was excellent and my audience was mainly administrators, but there were times when I was speaking to students and parents.”

The Indian Institute of Technology, EDU Excellence, and Pac Asia sponsored Perrotto for attending the conference. Along with these sponsors, Perrotto was very appreciative of the tremendous support from SUNY Oswego’s campus administration on her proposals and ideas on bridging the gap in the global school community.

During her discussion, she spoke with administrators about the significance of higher education and her views on how to create a high performing school system. Perrotto described how the key to students’ success in classrooms is pushing for administrators to inform their students about global occurrences and issues.

“Our students in the educational Leadership program can make a major impact,” Perrotto said. “One effective leader may impact a thousand students and 150 teachers.”

Between the two conferences, Perrotto had the opportunity to visit high schools, where she spoke with juniors and seniors about SUNY Oswego and the programs offered. She also discussed life outside India and in the global community.

“Our students in the educational Leadership program can make a major impact. One effective leader may impact a thousand students and 150 teachers.”
Angella Perrotto
Department Chair, Educational Administration

“I knew that our schools needed to think on a global standard and there’s no reason why we can’t model the significance of international ties in our classrooms,” Perrotto said. “When students are in their assigned jobs, they’ll have CEO’s or CFO’s in various parts of the world from India to Africa, and these international ties between schools will benefit their relations in the business world.”

Oswego’s Leadership Educational program gives students hands on experience and allows them to become certified administrators. Graduate students who take this program will explore critical issues in higher education and be prepared to improve learning and achievement in the classroom.

“[Educational Leadership students] do what we call issue and analysis solving, which is when we take real issues, inside real schools, and present action plans after studying them,” Perrotto said. “If we could do this, and match our students with students from India or other international schools, then we could bridge the global gap and people would be shocked to see how similar India and the U.S. really are.”

The fourth International Conference on Excellence in School Education gave SUNY Oswego the experience to participate in a national event as one of only two U.S. institutions of higher education to attend.

“This is the new beginning of starting to link and help our students understand that when you’re leading your class discussions, you must understand the cultural level of higher education and inform your students [on these issues],” Perrotto said.

For more information on the SUNY Oswego Leadership Educational graduate program, contact Perrotto at or visit the SUNY Oswego Graduate Studies website.