The following requirements pertain to students enrolled at the college with merit awards (Presidential, Dean, Merit, Co-op, NACME, Possibility), Residential, International or Destination Oswego scholarships:

  • Awards are available to students enrolled in undergraduate programs only, and are divided equally between the fall and spring terms, for a maximum of eight consecutive semesters or until the student has earned their bachelor's degree, whichever is earlier, unless otherwise noted. Students graduating early may not apply "unused portions" of their scholarship(s) to their final semester(s);
  • Students must attend full-time each semester to maintain their eligibility; in some cases students who have completed full-time coursework at Oswego and subsequently drop to part-time for a given semester may have all or a pro-rated amount of their award during that part-time term, depending on the total credits attempted and earned during the academic year, the student's circumstances and/or reason for part-time study, and their cumulative gpa;
  • Awards are applicable to Oswego study only-students enrolled in one of the college's cooperative degree programs who attend another college as part of that program cannot apply their Oswego award to that college's expenses;
  • Students whose study at SUNY Oswego is interrupted lose their award(s) and will have their reinstatement requests considered on a case by case basis. Examples of reasons for interruption that warrant reinstatement upon the student's return are documented leaves for medical reasons or military service;
  • Continuation of any award requires at least good academic standing, or a minimum cumulative 3.00 gpa, as specified in the student's award and commitment forms;
  • Beginning fall 2013, Presidential, Co-op and NACME Scholarships require on-campus housing to receive the full award amount; if at any time the student moves off campus their award will be reduced to one-half. Students participating in college-sponsored programs that prevent on-campus living but otherwise meet all requirements for their award are exempt from this requirement.
  • Students admitted to one of the College's 5-year MBA programs may have their merit award during their fourth year, so long as they meet all other criteria of that particular scholarship.
  • While every effort is made to ensure students' awards are properly applied to their accounts, any errors in scholarship eligibility must be brought to the attention of the College before the end of each academic year in which the error occurred.

  Students with Residential, International or Destination Oswego scholarships must also:

  • Live on campus for the highest award; some students may be eligible for a lesser, off-campus award.  Please refer to your Commitment Form to see if an off-campus award is available to you;
  • Be non-NYS resident, or otherwise not eligible for in-state tuition.

    Other important notes:

  • The college reserves the right to revoke any student's scholarship at any time who has not met any of the above criteria.
  • All students' scholarships are reviewed at least once, annually (after spring grades are posted).
  • The 3.00 cumulative GPA minimum standard is measured each year after spring grades are posted.
  • Students who lose any scholarship(s) for failing to meet the requirements of their award(s) can appeal for reinstatement after completing one additional year of full-time study at the college, and not sooner, unless otherwise noted. Petitions for reinstatement must be made in writing to the Director of Admissions. Seniors, however, may petition to have their award reinstated mid-year.
  • Students on a documented medical leave from the college or leave to serve in the military can have their requests for scholarship reinstatement reviewed at any time upon their return.
  • Summer coursework can help a student regain a 3.0 cumulative gpa, but will not change the date a student is eligible for reconsideration, except for students entering their final undergraduate year, or a student whose academic performance was affected by circumstances beyond their control (illness, death in the family).  Any summer class(es) should be taken under consultation with the student's advisor.

For more information, or to appeal for scholarship reinstatement, contact: 
Office of Admissions Scholarship Program
229 Sheldon Hall
SUNY Oswego
Oswego, NY 13126