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Full-time faculty

Cynthia Clabough
Professor of Art, Graphic Design & Art History
32C Lanigan Hall, 234 Tyler Hall
(315) 312-2111

Fall 2016 Courses
Art 365/Art565, Sec. 800-History of Graphic Design/Grad History of Graphic Design-TR-12:45 pm-2:05 pm-105 Lanigan Hall
Art 408/508, Sec. 500-Publication Design/Grad Graphic Design-Publication-MW-2:00 pm-5:00 pm-34 Lanigan Hall
Office Hours - Mon/Tues 5:00-6:00 pm in 32 Lanigan or by appointment

Advisement Coordinator 
Graphic Design Coordinator
Kelly Roe 
Associate Professor, Graphic Design & Print Making 
32C Lanigan Hall and 23 Hewitt Union 
(315) 312-2850
Fall 2016 Courses
No Classes This Semester
Office Hours - Tues/Thurs 1:00-2:00 pm or by appointment

Lisa Seppi
Associate Professor of Art History
221 Tyler
(315) 312-3184
Fall 2016 Courses
Art 391/Art 571, Sec. 500/510-STAH:Modern Art/Mass Culture/RPAH:Modern Art/Mass Culture-MWF-9:10-10:05 am-212 Hewitt Union
Art 251, Sec. 510-West Hert II-Survy Art II-MWF-10:20-11:15 am-212 Hewitt Union
Art 251, Sec. ON1-West Hert II-Survy Art II
Art 353/Art 553, Sec. 800-20th Century Art-MWF-12:40-1:35 pm-212 Hewitt Union
Office Hours
- Weds 1:45-2:45 pm or by appointment

Cara Brewer Thompson
Associate Professor, Graphic Design, Web Design & Multimedia
32A Lanigan Hall
(315) 312-5623
Fall 2016 Courses
Art 309/409/509, Sec. 500-Multimedia I/Multimedia II/Grad Multimedia-MW-2:00-5:00 pm-36 Lanigan Hall
Art 492, Sec. 800-BFA Exhibition-MW-5:15-5:45 pm-34 Lanigan Hall
Art 414/Art 514, Sec. 500/800-Graphic Design Practicum/Grad Prob in Graphic Design-MW-6:00-9:00 pm-34 Lanigan Hall
 Office HoursWed 12:00-2:00 pm or by appointment

Studio Art Coordinator- 
Richard Metzgar
229 Tyler Hall
(315) 312-3185
Fall 2016/Spring 2017
On Sabbatical 

Media Librarian-
Peter Cardone
Visiting Assistant Professor, Photography 
235 Tyler Hall 
(315) 312-2177
Fall 2016 Courses 
Art 243, Sec. 500-Intro to Digital Photography-MWF-9:10-11:15 am-
Art 243, Sec. 510-Intro to Digital Photography-MWF-11:30-1:35 pm 
Office Hours - Mon/Weds 2:15-3:15 pm or by appointment

Tyler Gallery Director-
Michael Flanagan
226 Tyler Hall 
(315) 312-2112
Fall 2016 Courses
Art 380/580, Sec. 800-Intro to Museum Studies/Res Museum Studies-TR-11:10-12:30 pm-214 Mahar Hall
 Office HoursTues 1:00-2:00 pm or by appointment 

Assistant Gallery Director-
Amy Bartell
227 Tyler Hall
(315) 312-2855
Fall 2016 Courses
Art 313, Sec. 800-Digital Illustration I-TR-9:35-12:30 pm-217 Tyler Hall
Art 413/423/513, Sec. 500-Digital Illustration II/Ad. Prob. in Illustration/Grad Digital Illustration-TR-2:20-5:15 pm-217 Tyler Hall
Office Hours -  Tues-5:15 pm-6:15 pm & Thurs. 9:00 am-9:30 am or by appointment

Benjamin Entner
Assistant Professor, Sculpture & Art History
11A Hewitt Union
(315) 312-3187
Fall 2016 Courses
Art 106, Sec. 520-Design Concepts II-3D-TR-9:35-12:30 pm-7A Hewitt Union
Art 245/345/445/545, Sec. 500-Sculpture I/Sculpture/ProjSt 3D/4D:Sculpture/Grad Sculpture-TR-2:20-5:15 pm-7A Hewitt Union
Art 111, Sec. 800-Freshmen Colloquium-MW-12:40-1:35 pm-102 Lanigan Hall
Office Hours - Tues/Thurs 1:00-2:00 pm (11A Hewitt Union) or by appointment  

Sara Prigodich 
Visiting Assistant Professor, Ceramics
23C Hewitt Union 
(315) 312-3237 
Fall 2016 Courses
Art 106, Sec. 510-Design Concepts II-3D-MW-6:00-9:00 pm-7A Hewitt Union
Art 230, Sec. 500-Ceramics I-MW-9:10-12:25 pm-1B Hewitt Union
Art 330/430/431/530, Sec. 500-Ceramics II, Ceramics III, Ceramics, IV, Grad Ceramics-MW-2:00-5:00 pm-1B Hewitt Union
Office Hours - Tuesday 12:00-2:00 pm or by appointment

Julieve Jubin
Associate Professor, Photography
220 Tyler Hall
(315) 312-3243
Fall 2016 Courses
Art 243, Sec. 520-Intro to Digital Photography-MW-2:00-5:00 pm-
Art 343, Sec. 800-Intermediate Digital Photo-TR-2:20-5:15 pm-
Art 443/540, Sec. 500-Advanced Digital Photography/Graduate Photography-TR-9:35-12:30 pm
Office Hours  - Wednesday 12:00-2:00 pm or by appointment

Art History Coordinator-
Lisa Langlois
Associate Professor, Art History
222 Tyler Hall

Fall 2016 Courses
Art 368/571, Sec. 530-Chinese Art/RPAH: Chinese Art-TR-9:35-10:55 am-106A Lanigan Hall
Art 110, Sec. 800-Gender & Contemp Visual Culture-TR-12:45-2:05 pm-107 Lanigan Hall
Art 371/571-Art/Architecture Islam Culture/RPAH: Art/Architechture Islam Culture-TR-3:55-5:15 pm-214 Mahar Hall
Office Hours - M 3:00-4:00 222 Tyler, Th 11:00 12:00 in Ontario Bagel or by appointment

Carla Senecal 
Visiting Assistant Professor, Graphic Design 
32C Lanigan Hall 
(315) 312-5624
Fall 2016 Courses 
Art 307/508, Sec. 500/510-Type and Image/Gr Graphic Design-Type & Image-TR-9:35-12:30 pm-34 Lanigan
Art 304/451/509, Sec. 800-Motion Graphics I/Motion Graphics II/Gr Multimedia: Motion Graphics-TR-2:20-5:15 pm-34 Lanigan
Art 323/523, Sec. 500/800-Digital Media-Transfer Student/Graduate Digital Media-MW-9:10-12:25 pm-34 Lanigan Hall
Office Hours - Mon/Weds 1:30-3:30 pm or by appointment

Christopher McEvoy
Associate Professor, Painting
232 Tyler Hall
(315) 312-3244
Fall 2016/Spring 2017
On Sabbatical 

Rebecca Mushtare
Assistant Professor, Web Design & Multimedia
32B Lanigan Hall
(315) 312-2004
Fall 2016 Courses
Art 317/517, Sec. 500/800-Web Media I/Graduate Web Design-MWF-9:10-11:15 am-36 Lanigan Hall
Art 417/517, Sec. 510-Web Media II/Graduate Web Design-MWF 11:30-1:35 pm-36 Lanigan Hall
Art 514/519/572, Sec. 810/810-Grad Prob in Graphic Design/Grad Critique/Grad Art Theory & Practice-F-2:00-5:00-35 Lanigan
Office Hours - Thursday 2:30 pm-4:30 pm or by appointment-appointments can be  made at:

Juan Perdiguero
223 Tyler Hall
(315) 312-3240
Fall 2016 Courses
Art 300/400/510, Sec. 510/500/520-Figure Drawing I/Digure Drawing II/Grad Drawing: Figure-MW-6:00-9:00-201 Tyler Hall
Art 310/322, Sec. 500/800-Intermediate Drawing/Drawing for Transfer Students-MW-2:00-5:00-201 Tyler Hall
Art 422/510, Sec. 500-Advanced Drawing and Painting/Grad Drawing Advanced-MW-9:10-12:25 pm-205 Tyler Hall
Office Hours - Mon/Weds 12:30-1:30 pm; Tues 12:00-2:00 pm or by appointment