The Global Awareness Conference is a day and a half conference on-campus that gives students, faculty, staff, and members of the community the opportunity to learn about other cultures and global issues as well as present on topics they are passionate about.

This year's conference will be celebrating the Year of Turkey with special musical performances, cuisine and other additional programming.


Friday, October 11

4:30 - 5:30, Sheldon Ballroom 
Omar Faruk Tekbilek Trio Middle Eastern Music Educational Program*

5-8pm, First Floor Lobby
Study Abroad Tabling

5-7pm, Hart First Floor Lobby
Coffee and Tea Station

5-5:30pm, Hart First Floor Lobby
Hart Hall Community Gathering

5:30-5:40pm, Hart First Floor Lobby
Welcoming Address, M. Rivera and L. Booth 

5:40-5:50pm, Hart First Floor Lobby
Women's Choir

5:50-7pm, Hart First Floor Lobby
Cultural Appreciation Dinner and Networking

7:30 - 8:30pm, Sheldon Ballroom
Omar Faruk Tekbilek Trio Concert*
Doors at 7pm

Saturday, October 12 (Morning)

10-11am, Hart Basement
*A Sketch of China's Entrepreneurs, Haowen Ge and Yiru Wang

10am - noon, Hart First Floor Lounge
Coffee and Tea Station

10am - 3pm, Hart First Floor Lobby
Study Abroad Information Tabling

10am-5pm, Hart First Floor Lobby
Photo Booth, Asli Kinsizer/Juan Denze

10am-5pm, Hart First Floor Lobby
*Strong Women Art Exhibition, Asli Kinsizer

10:30-11am, Hart Second Floor Lobby
*Sustainability in a Global Context, Katherine Spector

10:30am-4pm, Hart Second Floor Lobby
International Coffee Station

11am-noon, Hart Basement
*"Soul to Seoul", KOSA

11am-noon, Hart First Floor Classroom
*Interfaith Dialogue Within the Turkish Culture, Timur Saka 

11-11:30am, Hart Second Floor Lobby
*A Week in Greece, Jessica Rera

11am-1pm, Hart Third Floor Lobby
*Dominoes Strategies Game & Tournament, Acosta/Hernandez 

11am-noon, Cooper Fitness Center
*Introduction to Latin Dance, Roberto Perez

11:30am-noon, Hart Second Floor Lobby
*Living, Learning and Working / Czech Republic, Daniel Donovan 

Saturday, October 12 (Afternoon and Evening)

Noon-1pm, Cooper Dining Center
Turkish Lunch

1-2pm, Hart Basement
*Japanese Deities, Nihon-GO! Japanese Club

1-2pm, Hart First Floor Classroom
*Strong Women Workshop, Asli Kinsizer 

1-2pm, Hart First Floor Lobby
*Meditation with Lama Tenzin, Lama Tenzin 

1:30-2pm, Hart Second Floor Lobby
*Intro to Hofstede's Cultural Dimension Theory, Gi Woong Choi 

1:30-2pm, Hart Third Floor Lobby
*Unity in Disaster Relief and Recovery, Meyer, Colon, O'Toole 

2-3pm, Hart First Floor Classroom (Invitation Only) 
Student/Faculty Group Dialogue, Stephen Kinzer 

2-3pm, Hewitt Ballroom
*Interactive Drumming Dance, Biboti Ouikahilo Wacheva 

2:30-3pm, Hart Basement
*A Summer in Korea, Alejandro Estrada 

2:30-3pm, Hart Second Floor Lobby
*Discovering Berlin and Jones, Ziegler, Rera, Buckley

3-4pm, Hart First Floor Classroom
*An Introduction to Mozi and Mohism, Jared Peterson 

3-4pm, Hart Second Floor Lobby
*Germany Then and Today, Michael Saur 

4-5pm, Hart First Floor Classroom
*Islam, What is it Really About?, Ndiaye/Diallo 

6-7pm, Sheldon Ballroom
*Turkey: Peaceful Rebellion Against Autocracy, Stephen Kinzer

Featured Events

Conference Keynote

Stephen Kinzer
Former Istanbul correspondent for the New York Times

Stephen Kinzer is an award-winning foreign correspondent who has covered more than 50 countries on five continents. His articles and books have led the Washington Post to place him "among the best in popular foreign policy storytelling." Kinzer spent more than 20 years working for the New York Times, most of it as a foreign correspondent. His foreign postings placed him at the center of historic events and, at times, in the line of fire. Stephen Kinzer has authored multiple books, including "Crescent & Star - Turkey Between Two Worlds".

Learn More about Stephen Kinzer