First-Year Living and Learning Communities

Living and Learning Communities offer first-year students new experiences, both social and academic, by providing opportunities to meet faculty and students who share their interests. Together students in a Living and Learning Community can study for exams, explore options, discuss ideas, learn the "ins and outs" of the college and have a good time!

In SUNY Oswego's Living and Learning Communities, 19 students will share interests inside the classroom as well as share activities outside the classroom. This will allow study groups to form and help students make great connections to faculty and staff who enjoy working with new students, while forming a bond with the other students in the community.

The Living and Learning Communities offered for Fall 2013 include:

Michelle Bandla
Coordinator of First-Year Programs
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First Year Programs at the Compass
145 Campus Center
Oswego, NY 13126
Phone: (315) 312-3068

For specific questions about housing, contact Residence Life and Housing at or (315) 312-2246.