Program Information

Proficiency in a second language provides today's college graduate with a competitive edge in an increasingly globalized market. French majors combine their language skills with courses in economics, international trade, law. public justice, library science, health services, political science, and communication studies are highly successful in finding employment in such diverse fields as teaching, government agencies, banking, export divisions of international corporations and the travel and tourist industries.

The French major at Oswego is designed to give students a thorough mastery of speaking, aural comprehension, reading and writing skills in the French language and a solid grounding in French literature and civilization. A multimedia laboratory and developing computer program complements classroom instruction. In addition to beginning, intermediate and advanced language courses, the department offers courses in literature, both in French and in English translation. The literature courses cover major authors and periods as well as specific genre courses, including poetry, theatre, and film.

A semester or year-long study program in Paris or Nice enable French majors and concentrates to experience French life and culture on a daily basis and enhance fluency in the language. Several students have chosen to study for a semester or summer in Quebec, also with a SUNY-sponsored program.

Extracurricular activities and cultural opportunities are a vital component of the French Program: students and faculty participate in the French Club and organize film series and colloquia that explore the multicultural diversity of Francophonia as well as occasional trips to the province of Quebec. A weekly language table gives students of all levels the possibility of honing their language skills in a more informal academic setting. The department also sponsors a chapter of Pi Delta Phi, the National French Honor Society.

The French Program is successful in placing graduates in some of the best graduate schools where they regularly obtain financial aid in the form of teaching assistantships or fellowships.