Geology at SUNY Oswego

The Geology programs at SUNY Oswego are committed to a rigorous curriculum that provides a strong background in the fundamentals of Geology. We believe that the best way to learn geology is to get out in the field and get dirty. Our Geology Field Program is just one opportunity to learn first hand about field based research and so much more.

Courses emphasize the hands-on field and laboratory components coupled with focused in-class study. Our faculty have diverse interests and are very active in research in a wide range of topics, and are eager to share their research and industry experiences with students. Our commitment to high quality undergraduate education and to ultimately train high caliber geoscientists is reflected in the extraordinary success of our graduates. 

One of the advantages of our program is the close interaction of Geology students and availabilty of faculty. We feel that our strength as a program is derived from a tight-knit group lead by faculty with a strong dedication to teaching and research.

Department of Earth Sciences
394 Shineman Science Center
SUNY Oswego
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Fax: 315-312-2789

Dave Valentino
Geology Program Director