Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Center (MBBC)

Established in 2004, the Molecular Biology and Biochemistry Center (MBBC) is a College of Liberal Arts and Sciences research and teaching facility that consists of several laboratories and offices in the east wing of the third floor of the Shineman Center.  The MBBC is comprised of faculty and students from the Departments of Biological Sciences and Chemistry. The MBBC is also adjacent to a shared instrument lab which houses a MALDI-TOF MS and and ICP-MS. Any persons interested in using the facilities may contact any of the participating faculty listed below.


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DNA – DNA sequencing, chromosomal and plasmid purification, agarose and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, restriction analysis, PCR, site-directed mutagenesis, cDNA cloning, transformation of competent cells, DNA polymorphism analysis, DNA labeling

RNA – purification, agarose gel electrophoresis, Northern analysis, RT-PCR, in vitro transcription, RNA sequence analysis

Protein – expression, purification, SDS-PAGE, Western analysis, 2-D PAGE, enzyme kinetics, in vitro translation, radiolabeled competition analysis, MALDI-TOF analysis, inhibition studies, coupled enzymatic reactions

Cell biology – mammalian cell culture, bacterial cell culture, apoptosis studies, cytotoxicity screens (growth inhibition/cell kill, IC50), subcellular fractionation, intracellular protein trafficking

Computer skills – DNA and protein sequence analysis (secondary structure prediction, specific motif identification, database searches, and hydropathy, similarity and amphipathicity analyses) using SeqWeb and bioinformatics web sites (NCBI, SwissProt, Expasy, etc.), 2-D PAGE analysis software (ImageMaster), Statistics Programs (SPSS, GraphPad), Adobe Photoshop

Major Equipment

Sorvall WX80 ultracentrifuge
Beckman high-speed centrifuges (2)
Bio-TEK microplate reader and plate washer
Bio Rad DCode Universal Mutation Detection System
-80°C freezers
Biosafety Level 2 hoods
Scintillation counter
Kodak gel documentation system

Other Equipment

Water, gas, and air are all on line.  Adequate bench space, sinks, and fume hoods for hazardous volatile materials are also present.  The research lab is equipped with microfuges, PAGE and agarose electrophoresis equipment, electrophoresis power supplies, gel drying system, thermocyclers, UV crosslinker, bacterial shaking incubators (4-80°C), hybridization oven, Spectronic UV/Vis spectrophotometer, dissolved oxygen monitor, analytical balances, and a vacufuge.  Complete and separate work areas for mammalian cell culture and work with radioisotopes are also available.  Adjacent to the MBBC is a 4°C walk-in refrigerated room and an autoclave.

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