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The following textbooks have been received and are available at our Bookland location. We are continuously updating the list.

  • ACC 201 (Edmonds-Fund of Financial MGT)
  • ANT 210 (Moore-Vision of Culture Annotated Reader)
  • ASL 101 (Smith-Signing Naturally)
  • ASL 101 (Moore-For Hearing People Only)
  • BIO 316 Lab Manual, CPS 686 (Kozol-Savage Inequalities)
  • CSC 103-(Shelly-Teachers Discovering Computers (Without Coursemate Access)
  • CED 394 (Moore-Effective Instructional Strategies)
  • CHE 113L (Lab Manual, Medium Lab Jackets and Safety Glasses)
  • COM 100 (Alberts-Human Communication in Society)
  • COM 211 (Shwom-Business Communication)
  • COM 212 (Adler-Interplay)
  • CPS 509 (Remley-Ethical, Legal & Professional Issues in Counseling)
  • CPS 686 (Kampwirth-Collaborative Consultation in Schools)
  • CPS 686 (McDougal-Functional Behavioral Assessment)
  • ECE 101 (Kuldip-Introductory Mathematics for Engineering Applications)
  • ECO 101 (McEachern-Econ Microeconomics w/ Bind in Card)
  • ECO 340 800/810 (Cecchetti-Money and Banking)
  • EDU 380 (Frederick-Reader), ENG 102 (Early Reader)
  • ENG 265/304 (MLA Handbook)
  • ENG 286 (Bordwell-Film Art), Dance 210 (Hammond-Ballet Basics)
  • GST 304 (Students Helping Students)
  • HIS 100 (Blackman-Worlds of Medieval Europe)
  • HIS/PBJ 205 (Wadman-To Protect and Serve)
  • HIS 208 (Murphey-History of Asia)
  • HIS 215 (Hernandez-Introduction to Latin American Civilizations)
  • HIS 323/523 (Hesse-Steppenwolf)
  • HIS 337/537 (Buford-Among the Thugs)
  • HIS 370 (Xenophon-Persian Expedition)
  • HIS 370 (Amt-Medieval England 1000-1500)
  • HIS 370 (Chaucer-Canterbury Tales)
  • HON 204 (MLA Handbook)
  • MAT 106/206 (Aleks Prep Access Card)
  • MGT 261 (Daft-Understanding MGT)
  • MGT 350 (Hirsch-Entrepreneurship)
  • MGT 395 (Hill-International Business)
  • MBA 571 (Reck- Accounting for Govt & Non Profit Entities)
  • MUS 101 (Dubal-Essen Canon of Classical Music)
  • PHL 111 (Copi-Essentials of Logic)
  • PHL 220 (Locke-Empiricists)
  • PHL 295 (Galielo-Essential Galileo)
  • PHL 295 (Kuhn-Copernican Revolution)
  • PHY 112 (Halliday-Fundamental Physics)
  • PSY 100 (Norton-Physchology Reader)
  • SPA 201 (Blanco-Imagina Student Activites Manual)
  • SPA 302 (Samaniego Mundo 21 Activities Manual)

  • Fall 2014 Textbooks - Dare to Compare: Our average textbook cost is lower than other national retailers. Nobody is more aware of students' and parents' concerns about the cost of textbooks. We love textbooks. Through our own research we have price compared thousands of textbooks with our competitors to ensure you get the best prices for textbooks. Shop with confidence knowing you are receiving the lowest prices, so why shop anywhere else? To help offset your textbook costs, The College Stores has the largest selection of used textbooks and all of our textbooks are discounted. Order or rent your Fall 2014 textbooks today...
  • Course Material Availability: We strive to have all the books on our shelves when classes start. However, there are occasions when we may not have the books on the shelf when you arrive to our Bookland location. Reasons for this include: we did not receive an order from the faculty member, received a late order from the faculty member, publishers have sold out of the textbook, custom books may take from 1-4 weeks and are only printed upon receiving the order, or not a required text. There are times when an instructor suggests titles and asks to list them as optional. We may not order any of these or only a few depending on the sales histor. We are always happy to special order a title. If books have not arrived in time for class, the shelf tag will have an Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA). You may choose to pay for a copy of a book that has not arrived and once it arrives, you will be contacted by e-mail or phone.
  • 2014 Laptop Purchase Program: Need a laptop for the Fall semester? Looking for a laptop that comes loaded with Microsoft Office, an affordable payment plan, and on-campus technical support? Look no further than the Oswego State Laptop Purchase Program. Choose between an Apple MacBook Pro or Dell Latitude E5440. NEW this year - we are also offering a 16GB Apple iPad with Retina Display! Although our deadline has passed to receive your laptop upon arriving to campus for the start of the Fall semester, you may place an order at any time! For specifications and details about the laptop purchase program...
  • 20% Off All Green and Gold Clothing: Show your #OswegoPride for the new semester and get ready for Green and Gold Day. From August 22-30 at our Campus Center Store, all clothing with green and gold is 20% Off! Wear your Green and Gold on Friday, August 29 for the annual nationwide College Colors Day. All students, faculty, staff, family, friends, and alumni are invited to show their Oswego pride. Sport your best Oswego gear all day and share your photos via social media with #OswegoPride. The Alumni Association will be taking a photo at 12:30pm near the Class of '86 Memorial (located outside the Marano Campus Center directly across from Funnelle Hall). Enjoy green and gold cookies and free FANs t-shirts for the first 30 people that arrive for the photo. *Campus Center Store sale is while supplies last. In-store purchases only. Clothing items must have both green and gold.
  • Textbook Buyback: We are still buying your unwanted textbooks. Stop by our Bookland location from 8:00am-4:00pm Monday-Friday.
  • Need iPhone Accessories? Our Artville location is your on-campus source for iPhone accessories such as chargers, covers, and screen protectors. No need to leave campus!
  • Flex Plan: Need to make a Flex Plan Deposit? Visit our page here. Enroll in the Flex Plan and have your deposit automatically added to your semester's tuition bill. You may also transfer excess financial aid into your Flex Plan. Use your Flex Plan to pay for your textbooks or anything else available at The College Stores. Remaining balances will transfer over to the following semester or remaining funds may be refunded upon request! Flex today...
  • Artville Cafe We accept Laker Dining Dollars for food purchases at our Artville cafe. In addition to Seattle's Best Coffee and assorted cookies, we also have soup, salads, and assorted sandwiches! Some of the salads we have are caesar salad and caesar salad with chicken. Sandwiches may include: turkey BLT on white wrap, garden veggie on wheat wrap, buffalo chicken on white wrap, turkey on french roll, chicken salad on pretzel roll, and tuna salad on multi-grain roll. Stop by for a quick but delicious bite to eat on your trek through campus.
  • Artville Cafe Fall Soup Menu: Soup is available from 11am-3pm Monday through Friday. There is small for $2.99 and large for $3.69. Our soup menu for the Fall 2014 semester is: Monday - Chicken and Dumplings/Roasted Vegetable; Tuesday - Italian Wedding/Minestrone; Wednesday - Grilled Chicken & Corn Chowder/Mac & Cheese; Thursday - Angus Chili/3 Bean Chili; and Friday - Beef Barley & Vegetable/Mac & Cheese. On Monday/Wednesday/Friday there is a caesar or garden salad with a small soup special for only $4.99.


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Home of the College Store's computer department and located directly across from our textbook location (Bookland). We would be happy to special order any software you may need and is available to us. Receive technical support for your laptop through the Laptop Purchase Program. Artville has a full inventory of art supplies for students including Golden Artist Paints, fine art paper, mat board, poster board, canvas, pencils, sketch books, and more. Artville also has a cafe complete with Seattle's Best coffee, assorted cookies, soups, salads, sandwiches, and wraps from Monday-Friday 11am-3pm.

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Our textbook location is loaded with the largest selection of used textbooks and all new textbooks are discounted 10%. We also have school and art supplies.

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Joining the City of Oswego community with the Oswego State community! Along with other departments from campus you can get a flavor of the many great things happening on campus. Currently you can browse the best selling Oswego apparel and student art. Extended hours during the Oswego's Farmers Market on Thursdays during the summer. Tickets are available for purchase for  on-campus events such as Lakers Athletics, Student Association Programming Board (SAPB), and Waterman Theatre. 

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