Red Carpet Captain & Crew

red carpet captain & crew

Welcoming Students to their NEW Home on Campus


Red Carpet Crew During August move-in, each hall has a Red Carpet Captain & Crew who is there to help new and returning students move in, get situated and become part of the College!

The Red Carpet Captain & Crew are student volunteers who help with move-in. Each team will have a Red Carpet Captain to supervise the Red Carpet Crew members.

If selected, you would need to move back to campus early: Captains approximately August 18th by 4:00 p.m. and Crew Members on August 19th by 4:00 p.m. There will be work assignments with the hall staff to make sure the residence hall is ready to welcome our new and returning students on Opening Day! (See timeline below)

SCHEDULE for 2014: Application deadline for Red Carpet Captains - April 4, 2014 and Red Carpet Crew Member applications will be accepted until August 1st (depending on number of applications received).

The application process for these positions begins March 12, 2014. Applications are due to

Red Carpet Captain & Crew :: Hiring Timeline

03/12/14 Red Carpet Captain & Crew Applications Available

Red Carpet Captain Applications Due
04/11/14 Red Carpet Captain Hiring Notification
08/01/14 Red Carpet Crew Applications Due
04/18/14 Red Carpet CREW Hiring Notification


Red Carpet CAPTAIN Meeting
4pm Daga Basement Lounge


Red Carpet Captain & Crew Meet with Hall Staff
(Date/Tiime tba - is hall specific)


Red Carpet Captain & Crew Meeting #2
(Date/Tiime tba - is hall specific)