The Oswego Guarantee

New Graduation ROI incentive added

SUNY Oswego continues to rate among the best colleges in the country for excellence and educational value. Our college consists of diverse, accomplished and caring faculty and staff; over 60 baccalaureate degree programs; an effective career planning and placement center; and a stimulating residential community. We're proud to have you as a student and future graduate of our college. The Oswego Guarantee is our partnership with you on your journey through college. We want you to earn your bachelor's degree at Oswego and are committed to working with you toward achieving this goal. Therefore, we make the following promise to you:

WE GUARANTEE that the necessary classes will be available to complete a baccalaureate degree in four consecutive academic years of full-time study. If you meet the academic expectations described below and cannot graduate after four years because of course unavailability, the college will enroll you in the remaining course or courses necessary to meet graduation requirements tuition-free.

WE GUARANTEE continued availability of small classes because we believe that small classes offer the greatest opportunity for discussion and interaction between faculty and students. Approximately 86 percent of classes offered at Oswego enroll fewer than 40 students. In fact, 55 percent of the classes offered at Oswego enroll fewer than 20 students. Oswego faculty will serve as mentors to you, helping to shape your future.

WE GUARANTEE no increase in the cost of room or meal plans for four consecutive academic years. For you and your family, this means that the cost of a residential education will remain constant for four years.

The Oswego Graduation ROI

We guarantee that SUNY Oswego will provide a $300 Graduation Return on Investment (ROI) if, beginning with fall 2010,  you enter Oswego in the fall semester as a freshman and earn your baccalaureate degree no later than May of your fourth consecutive academic year.

The Oswego graduation ROI is our commitment to your future, and it is recognition of your hard work and determination -- our way of helping you begin the next leg of your journey. The Graduation ROI is intended to help propel you forward -- whether traveling to a job interview, offsetting the cost of graduate school or even contributing to a down payment on a first car or apartment.

To qualify for the Oswego Guarantee & Graduation ROI, you must enroll in the fall term as a full-time freshman, declare a major no later than your third semester, meet with an academic advisor at least once a semester to verify you are still on course to graduate within four academic years, fulfill the major and college requirements as described in the college catalog and graduate with a baccalaureate degree no later than May of your fourth consecutive academic year. 

ROI payments to qualified May 2014 graduates are currently being processed and are scheduled to be released by the end of June. Prior to the release of the ROI payment, a letter will be mailed from SUNY Oswego to each May 2014 ROI recipient notifying him/her of the ROI award payment. For additional information, please contact SUNY Oswego Chief of Staff Kristi Eck at

For more information about the Oswego Guarantee, contact the Admissions Office at 315.312.2250 or