Inventory Control


Inventory Control

It is the primary responsibility of the Inventory Control Coordinator to educate the campus departmental personnel in the requirements of the Property Control System (PCS) and to enforce the procedures within this agency. A liaison with campus departments must be maintained to assure compliance with all PCS requirements.

The Inventory Control Coordinator is responsible for the initial location and tagging of all new equipment followed by accurate entry into the Property Control System. Inventory Control is also responsible for the annual inventory of equipment as required by Audit and Control and for quarterly reports of any loss.

Academic and Administrative Departments

Perpetual updating of equipment records is the responsibility of the Inventory Control Coordinator, but cannot be accomplished without the assistance of the individual department members who are in direct control of the equipment.

Each department must have a Departmental Equipment Coordinator to assist the Inventory Control Coordinator in various aspects including location of equipment new or old, circulation of information within the department and the disposition of surplus equipment. It is also the responsibility of the Departmental Coordinator to maintain an inventory of any/all equipment that falls below the inventory level.