Other Learning Opportunities

To gain hands-on experience, you can intern with a business or non-profit agency in their major field of study or volunteer for such community service as building houses for Habitat for Humanity or helping Special Olympics competitors. On campus, you can find many peer education opportunities for students to assist other students. You may also help fellow learners by tutoring through the Office of Learning Services.

Research Opportunities
With undergraduate research opportunities in all departments, many students engage in their own research or work with a faculty member. Students share the results of their research annually at Quest, Oswego’s forum for scholarly and creative activity.

The Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP) provides support and encouragement to students pursuing programs that lead to a professional license and/or careers in scientific, technical, business, educational and health-related fields.

Rice Creek Field Station provides support of academic instruction, research and public service in all aspects of natural history, especially the natural sciences and environmental education.

Living and Learning
SUNY Oswego provides additional opportunities beginning in the freshman year through our First-Year Programs. FirstChoice is a selection of small classes where first-year students really get to know their professors, make new friends and learn about everything that Oswego has to offer.

Oswego's residential opportunities include living and learning centers incorporating academic life. The First-Year Residential Experience in Johnson Hall builds a caring community where students can become involved in the academic and social life of the campus. The Hart Hall Global Living and Learning Center provides an environment based on international understanding and community service.

Studying abroad allows students to learn the language and culture of another country, with SUNY Oswego offering a wide variety of programs across several continents.

Honors Program courses draw ideas and information from many fields, addressing concerns common to all disciplines to show no boundaries exist to thought and inquiry. These small, lively classes examine the historical and intellectual origins, and growth and development, of today’s issues, with a focus on the connections among them and their consequences for tomorrow.

Cultural Opportunities
There are many opportunities for SUNY Oswego students to both express their creativity and experience high-quality entertainment. Artswego, a special performance and arts program, draws high-caliber arts events for the campus and community, often with residencies where performers share their knowledge and tips for those interested in the business.