Dr. Amy Bidwell

Amy Bidwell

Dr. Bidwell received her M.S. in Exercise Physiology from Syracuse University and her Ph.D in Science Education/Exercise Physiology from Syracuse University.  Dr. Bidwell is the Advisement Coordinator for the B.S. in Wellness Management and the Nutrition Minor. Dr. Bidwell's teaching interests is in the area of exercise, nutrition and diseases associated with obesity and cardiovascular disease.  Similarly, her research interests are in the area of carbohydrate and fat metabolism and how increased physical activity can alter both. Currently Dr. Bidwell is performing research in high school and college-aged students to determine the relationship between nutrition and physical activity knowledge and behavior in order to combat diseases associated with type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Dr Bidwell is also a nationally certified YMCA Diabetes Educator.



HSC 332 Scientific Foundations of Fitness

HSC 315 Nutrition Concepts

HSC 425 Sports Nutrition

HSC 435 The Science of Nutrition

HSC 512 Healthy Weight Management