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Fullbright Scholar
Paula Banerjee, an associate professor of South and Southeast Asian studies at the University of Calcutta, was awarded the Fulbright grant by the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board to spend the coming fall semester at Oswego and the spring 2014 semester at Onondaga in Syracuse.

Courses Fall 2013
His 370:  Refugees: Laws & Practice
This course focuses on the history of international refugee laws, practices, and policies from 1951 to the present.  In addition to providing an understanding of the development of laws affecting refugees and internally displaced persons, the course examines specific situations in African and South Asian countries. The final section of the courses directs attention to the most vulnerable forced migrants: women and children and issues of statelessness and trafficking.

His 370:  Intractable Conflicts
Intractable Conflicts:  Conflict and Peace in Africa, Middle East and South Asia   focuses on post-Cold War conflicts and the difficulties in achieving peaceful solutions to these conflicts. Focusing primarily on post-colonial South Asia, the Middle East and Africa, this courses traces present-day conflicts to colonial policies that encouraged religious, racial, ethnic, and linguistic antagonism. The course also pays attention to the concept of Peace in Eastern and Western theory and in the documents of international organizations. This courses examines three  "intractable international problems": Israel-Palestine, Kashmir, and the Sudan.   

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Alumni Vincent Intondi '03

SUNY Oswego Graduation Spring 2012

Damaris Dunn and Dr. Kenneth Marshall
Damaris Dunn

Father and Son both graduates of SUNY Oswego History
Stev Keddell (1979) and son Zach Keddell (2012)
Zach Keddell

Tasemere Gathers-May 2008 SUNY Oswego Graduate

In May Tasemere received a Master of Arts in Urban Studies  from  Long Island University. When she graduated, she received an award for Outstanding Achievement In Urban Studies. Her thesis project was on "Community Gardens and Casitas in East Harlem, the South Bronx and Ozone Park." From  MTA  Sep 2010-May 2012 she was a Management Support Aide  at New York City's MTA.