Faculty Directory

faculty picture 2013

Spring 2013 Personnel, from left to right: [back row] Patricia Meleski (Department Secretary), Paul Tomascak, Al Stamm,  Bob Ballentine,  Steven Skubis, Graham Bradley;  [front row] Dave Valentino, Diana Boyer, Scott Steiger, Scott Roby (Physics Department)

Department of Atmospheric and Geological Sciences Faculty

Dr. Robert Ballentine, Associate Professor of Meteorology
Specialties:  Mesometeorology; Numerical Modeling; Weather Forecasting
Education:  PhD SUNY Albany; MS Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute; AB Colgate University
Appointed 1985

Dr. Diana Boyer, Associate Professor of Geology
Specialties:  Paleontology; Stratigraphy
Education:  PhD Univ California, Riverside; MS University of California, Riverside; BS University of Delaware
Appointed 2007

Dr. J. Graham Bradley, Assistant Professor of Geology
Specialties:  Hydrogeology; Engineering Geology; Geomorphology; Environmental Sustainability
Education:  PhD University College London, England; MS University of Leeds; BS University of St. Andrews
Appointed 2012

Dr. Rachel Lee, Assistant Professor of Geology
Specialties:  Remote Sensing, Volcanology, Geographical Information Science
Education:  PhD  University of Pittsburgh
Appointed in 2014

Dr. Steven Skubis, Assistant Professor of Meteorology
Specialties:  Tropical Meteorology; Dynamic Meteorology; Atmospheric Physics
Education:  PhD SUNY Albany; MS SUNY Albany; BS SUNY Albany
Appointed 2000

Dr. Alfred Stamm, Distinguished Service Professor, Professor of Meteorology
Specialties:  Meteorological Instruments; Micrometeorology; Air pollution; Climatology
Education:  PhD University of Wisconsin; MS University of Wisconsin; BS North Carolina State University
Appointed 1977

Dr. Scott Steiger, Associate Professor of Meteorology
Specialties:  Atmospheric Electricity; Radar Meteorology; Convective Storms; Weather Forecasting
Education:  PhD Texas A & M University; MS Texas A & M University; BS SUNY Oswego
Appointed 2003

Dr. Paul Tomascak, Professor of Geology & Geochemistry
Specialties:  Mineralogy; Petrology; Geochemistry
Education:  PhD University of Maryland; MSc University of Manitoba; BS New Mexico Tech
Appointed 2004

Dr. David Valentino, Professor of Geology
Specialties:  Structural Geology, Tectonics, Exploration Geology, Geophysics, Petrology
Education:  PhD Virginia Tech; MA Temple University; BA Temple University
Appointed 2000

Emeritus Faculty

Dr. Ronald Chaldu (Astronomy)
PhD Indiana University, MS San Diego State University, BA UCLA
Appointed 1972

Dr. Robert Maurer (Geology)
PhD Univ. of Utah, BS Ohio State Univ
Appointed 1966

Dr. Raymond Schneider (Geology)
PhD University of Tennessee; AB, MA Univ of Missouri
Appointed 1961

Dr. David Thomas (Geology)
PhD SUNY Binghamton; BS University of Western Ontario
Appointed 1970