Why Study Meteorology at Oswego?

     Meteorology is a science which studies the atmosphere. Thus, it is also called atmospheric science. It includes forecasting the weather, modeling air pollution, studying climate change and numerous other topics. Most forecasters and many air pollution meteorologists have only a bachelors degree. Other areas may require a masters degree. Research generally requires a Ph.D. The American Meteorological Society (AMS) has a booklet "Careers in Atmospheric Research and Applied Meteorology" on its web site (Careers in Atmospheric Research and Applied Meteorology).
     Employment opportunities are available with The National Weather Service, state and municipal environmental agencies, private industry, or in consulting firms. AMS maintains an employment listing service.

With about 80-100 students, SUNY Oswego has the largest undergraduate meteorology program in New York. SUNY Albany has the largest graduate program in New York.

SUNY Oswego
SUNY Oswego is located on the southeast corner of Lake Ontario giving us an excellent view over the lake from west to north. Since most weather comes from that direction, we can watch storms approach from across the lake. Oswego's snow is legendary.  Thus studying snow and topics like lake-effect snow are naturals for our school (Oswego Research).

Almost all meteorology schools have computer access to current weather data including maps, Doppler radar and satellite imagery. SUNY Oswego does this via many computers connected to a server using various software programs like GARP, NTRANS, and IDV.

SUNY Oswego has no graduate program in meteorology, hence all lectures and labs are taught by faculty. Also, undergraduates have the opportunity to participate in faculty research.

The television stations in Syracuse have former Oswego students employed giving us lots of access for present students to do internships. In addition, our students do internships all over the state at NWS forecast offices and other sites.

Employment of Past Graduates:

  • National Weather Service
  • Television
  • Private Forecasting Firms
  • Air Force and Navy
  • Environmental Firms
  • Industry
  • Graduate Schools

Graduate Schools SUNY Oswego meteorology graduates have attended:

  • SUNY Albany
  • Colorado State University
  • University of Illinois
  • University of Maryland
  • University of Nebraska
  • North Carolina State University
  • University of Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania State University
  • Texas A&M
  • University of Washington

As an example of our reputation, Texas A&M has recruited several of our graduates in the past.

Reasons to attend SUNY Oswego

  • Excellent Meteorology Program reputation 
  • Facilities constantly being improved 
  • All meteorology classes taught by faculty
  • Live in student housing right on the lake
  • Ability to see the weather coming from across the lake
  • Experience and research heavy snowstorms, waterspouts 
  • Beautiful Sunsets