Atmospheric and Geological Sciences

Geosciences and Meteorology

SUNY Oswego's Department of Atmospheric and Geological Sciences delivers majors in geology, geochemistry, environmental earth sciences and meteorology and a minor in geology. Graduates of this department work in fields such as the environmental and energy industries, and weather forecasting.  Our department is also the current home for the New York State Geological Association.

Geology majors investigate the origin, history and composition of the earth while learning the principles of this diverse field. Professional geologists work in the environmental and energy industries, explore and manage natural resources, and geologic research.

A degree in geochemistry involves the study of the chemistry of the earth and water systems, and other planets. This program fuses work in geology and chemistry to address problems related to the environment, natural resources and energy.

Oswego's meteorology program studies the atmosphere, weather patterns and climate. One of only a handful of such programs in the Northeast with a national reputation, this major requires specialized study in topics such as atmospheric structure, dynamics, and physics, synoptic, meso, and micro meteorology, climatology, instrumentation, and air pollution.

Department phone number: (315) 312-3065