Computer Science Department

The Department offers majors leading to the Baccalaureate of Arts and the Baccalaureate of Science degrees in Computer Science, as well as a minor. In addition, Oswego now offers the first BS degree in Software Engineering in the SUNY system. This program prepares students as software engineers with expertise in engineering software systems and contains a year-long capstone experience requiring student software development for real clients.

We also support a multidisciplinary program leading to a B.A. in Information Science. The ISC program offers a minor in Computer Information Systems.

Additionally, the Department is a major contributor to the following two programs:

Cognitive Science, a cross-discipline program combining elements of computation, learning models, language, and other mind-related fields of study. Cog Sci has options leading to a BA or a BS, as well as a minor.

Human Computer Interaction — HCI, a master's degree program which integrates cognitive processes, computer science and graphic design in the study of interactive computing systems for human use.