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Student Health Advisory Committee

Student Health Advisory Committee logo with an image from their annual SHAC fair featuring tye dying shirts.

The Student Health Advisory Committee is comprised of interested students who volunteer to work with Walker Health Center staff to improve knowledge and awareness of the health center’s services among SUNY Oswego students.  SHAC members help shape campus health policy, work as liaisons between students and health center staff, and participate in quality improvement activities.

  • SHAC is a DIVERSE, all inclusive group of students who are interested in
  • Working as liaisons between students and WHC staff
  • Creating positive change for students and staff 
  • Assisting in making health policy 
  • Aiding themselves with resume and leadership building activities 
  • Serving other students by their efforts

Current Activities Include:

  • Organizing and running the Annual SHAC Tie-Dye Fair in September.   Free t-shirts to tie-dye, Music, Food, raffles, and other fun activities in conjunction with WHC, Lifestyles Center, and Counseling Center.  Students can become familiar with staff and services offered in a fun, friendly environment.
  • Providing end of semester Stress Basket Raffles – Free baskets raffled off - full of fun and healthy stress relievers.  
  • Working with the “Get Yourself Tested” (STD awareness) Week in April, including funds for free STD tests. 
  • Help fund free Taxi rides from Oswego Hospital Emergency Room.  Recently adding taxi rides from WHC to the ER or urgently needed outpatient testing /specialist appointments - referred from WHC.
  • Promoting and assisting with Health Center clinics such as “Get Yourself Tested” and Flu vaccination clinics.  
  • Assisting in quality improvement including satisfaction surveys and suggestion box.

Past Activities Included:

  • Assured sick trays for students in residence halls (still in place after many years)
  • Designed wellness posters
  • Provided thermometers during the H1N1 flu outbreak in 2009
  • Organized and spoke at Residence Hall Informative Programs

Upcoming Events:

Come visit us at the Involvement Fair!   Wednesday August 31st 10am-3pm.

SHAC Tie-Dye Fair Friday, September 23rd from 2:30-4pm.