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Health center quality improvement program

The health center conducts an on-going quality improvement program. One component of the quality control program is to seek feedback from students regarding the services and programs provided by the medical staff. You are encourage to complete the anonymous "Patient Feedback Form" provided at the MWHC, and submit it to the designated box in the lobby. Also, your cooperation is appreciated in completing the "Patient Satisfaction Survey" which is periodically administered when visiting the health center.

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Health education and promotion

Wellness promotion and education are two of Walker Health Center's high priorities. Whether you are ill or healthy, you are encouraged to visit or to call Walker Health Center (315-312-4100) with concerns and questions. Each health care practitioner is willing and able to provide you with one-on-one educational information that will facilitate your goal of leading a healthy lifestyle. Printed educational material is available from the staff.

Walker Health Center is fortunate to have a professional health promotion coordinator on the staff of the Lifestyles Center, the educational wing of the Student Affairs and Enrollment Management Division. Our alcohol and other drugs program coordinator and health promotion coordinator work together to advance healthy lifestyles in all of our students. The Lifestyles Center is located in Walker Health Center.

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