Careers education

SUNY Oswego's online offerings can help busy professionals advance their career by gaining additional skills. With current skills or certification an investment in your education opens up the possibilities of becoming a teacher, consultant, resources manager, or training and development professional either within their industry, secondary education, vocational, or technical schools.

Apply coursework immediately in your current work environment, Previous education can be used to fulfill credit requirements, tuition costs may be partially tax-deductible and financial aid is available.

Some examples of careers education:

Agricultural education

  • Agricultural business
  • Agricultural mechanics
  • Equine studies
  • Small animal care
  • Conservation
  • Ornamental horticulture
  • Farm production, management and mechanics

Business and marketing education

  • Accounting
  • Business management
  • Marketing
  • Secretarial science
  • Retail Business management
  • Data processing
  • Banking, insurance and real estate

Family and consumer sciences education

  • Human services
  • Family studies
  • Food and nutrition
  • Textiles and design

Health careers education

  • Dental hygiene
  • Medical assisting
  • Medical laboratory technology
  • Nursing
  • Medical records technology
  • Radiologic technology
  • Dental laboratory technology
  • Occupational therapy assisting
  • Ophthalmic laboratory technology
  • Ophthalmic dispensing
  • Respiratory therapy technology

Technical education

  • Architectural drafting and building construction
  • Aeronautics
  • Electrical/electronics
  • Fashion design
  • Industrial chemistry
  • Industrial design and advertising art
  • Instrumental and control systems
  • Mechanical design and construction
  • Structural drafting and design

Trade education

  • Air conditioning and refrigeration
  • Automotive industries
  • Aviation trades
  • Construction trades
  • Drafting/CAD
  • Electro-mechanical trades
  • Graphic arts
  • Metal trades
  • Personal service occupations
  • Public service occupations

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