We are sensitive to your needs as a military student and we will work hard to assist you throughout every step of your admissions process. To apply for admission as an undergraduate, please complete the steps below. Graduate admissions requirements are program specific and can be found in the Graduate Application System.  

Step 1

Fill out an application

Please visit  https://www.suny.edu/applysuny/ to fill out the SUNY Application. If you have completed at least 12 credits since high school graduation (including military credit), please fill out the application as a transfer student.

Step 2

Send your official transcripts

College transcripts

SUNY Oswego requires official transcripts from all institutions you have been registered at, regardless of credits earned. Please contact the Registrar's Office at your previous institutions to have official transcripts sent to the address below. 

Military transcripts

Transfer credits for military experience will be awarded through American Council on Education recommendations via the Joint Services Transcript. We also accept College-Level Examination Placement credits with the appropriate test score. To request an official transcript, go to the appropriate link below.

Joint Services Transcripts may be sent electronically through the JST request system by searching for SUNY Oswego. Please send all other transcripts to: 

SUNY Oswego, Office of Admissions, 229 Sheldon Hall, Oswego, NY 13126

High School transcript

 If you have completed less than 30 credit hours at the time of your application or have earned credit only through the military, you must also submit your official high school transcript. If you have four years of high school foreign language, you will also want to submit a high school transcript. 

Step 3

Submit necessary forms

Complete the Transfer Application Supplement to fill in the gaps in your education since high school graduation and submit a copy of your DD214.  If you are currently serving and a DD214 is not readily available, please contact the Admissions Office at 315.312.2250 or admiss@oswego.edu to have that requirement removed from your application. 

*Even if you are using DoD or VA benefits to fund your education, make sure to fill out the FAFSA including the New York addendum at the end.

The Admissions Office will request any additional documentation that is needed. Once your application is complete, you should have an official decision letter within approximately two weeks.