Course submission procedures

All course outlines should be submitted to UCC for review and eventual approval by Faculty Assembly. This includes new courses (and course numbers), revised/updated courses (with the same course number), changes to existing course prerequisites, or in very rare cases, existing courses whose numbers are being changed.

At the department level

1. An individual or team develops, updates or revises course outline and secures department chair and Curriculum Committee approval.  Many departments review, deliberate, and vote on the course proposals before submission to UCC.  Department chairs or program directors are expected to keep a copy of this course outline and related communication on file within the department. A template is provided as a convenient means to prepare and review course proposals at the department level (use "enable macros" when prompted to have the most effective template) .  Once courses are approved at the department level, contact your UCC representative and ask them to review the proposal with you. Your reprersentative will be able to anticipate questions likely to be raised by the council. You are now ready to proceed to the next step -- submitting to UCC via the web form.

2. Use the course submission form if you are submitting a proposal for an entire course, or the simplifiedprerequisite change form for prereq changes only.. Please note, you must be logged in to LakerApps to use these forms. Insert proper information into every field on the form. Press the "submit" button at the bottom of the page. You will receive an immediate e-mail confirmation notice that you can print and keep on file.  Do not send an e-mail iwth proposals as attachments.  Only proposals submitted via the webform will be reviewed.

3. The language of the proposal must be free of gender and cultural bias, according to the Faculty Assembly Resolution passed on April 2, 1980.

UCC receipt and confirmation process 

  1. Upon successful course submission, the UCC web site electronically forwards a copy of the proposed course outline to the UCC Chair.
  2. Shortly after receipt, the UCC Chair shall share the proposal with the members of UCC.
  3. The course will be added to the UCC web site's Pending Courses  and the UCC agenda. 

UCC course review process 

  1. Upon review, the UCC member serving as lead for a specific course may contact department chair or additional contact for clarifications and/or revisions until the course is ready for approval. 
  2. Within one week of UCC approval, the UCC Chair will electronically forward notice of UCC approval and a copy of the course outline to:  Penfield Library Reserves and Archives, Penfield Library Director (or designee), the college catalog Editor, the Registrar, the Department Chair, the appropriate Dean, the Campus Technology Services Director, and the submitting department's contacts.
  3. UCC will report the approved approved course to the Faculty Assembly at the next FA meeting.
  4. Final approval is assumed after a two-week period from the FA report date.

Approval of courses beyond UCC

Approval of courses for the following programs are separate from the UCC process and should be arranged elsewhere. For example,  

  1. For courses for General Education, contact the director of General Education.
  2. For courses listed in the SUNY Oswego course registration space, or in the Course Bulletin, contact the Registrar's Office.
  3. For sets of courses to be included in specific programs, minors or majors, see the director or chair for the program or department. Program approval occurs with the Academic Policies Council.