Transfer Success Seminar (GST315)

GST 315 is a seminar course created specifically for you as a transfer student. It will provide you with 1 Upper Division credit and an overview - in just 1/2 of a semester - of the most important resources Oswego has to offer you!

Transfer Success Seminar will help you:

  • Find the resources that you need for academic success
  • Learn about the main differences between 2 year and 4 year colleges
  • Enrich your personal experiences and professional skills to help best prepare for your future 
  • Find ways to help you share your experiences with other peer transfer students

If you wish to be pre-registered for this class, click on the link below and we will save you a spot before it gets filled! This fall we offer GST 315 on MONDAY 3-5, TUESDAY 4-6, WEDNESDAY 3-5 & THURSDAY 4-6 or 3-5 (for PSY majors only).

Here are actual quotes from students in previous semesters have said about the GST 315:

 "This course was very fun, laid back, and very helpful. I learned a lot about SUNY Oswego through this course."

"I really enjoyed it! It is actually my favorite class right now and it helped me get used to being at Oswego."

 "Beyond satisfied"

"Very helpful, learned about things I may have never knew existed. Would recommend to all transfers."

"This was my favorite class this semester. By far."

"I found it very beneficial to learn about the resources available at SUNY Oswego and to connect with other transfer students."

"Yes, it is nice to get a class that helps me be prepared for this college. Also it is a very relaxing course"...."I would be lost without it."

"It was very fun and helped a ton" ...."I loved this class, it helped me out a lot."

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