Student Theatre Proposal

The purpose of student theatre is to simulate a low budget directing experience in a small rented theatre, and is meant to bridge the technical gap between the directing one acts and a full production value directing experience.

Proposed Guidelines for directors:

A) Directors will have successfully completed the first directing class (receiving no less than a B-) before the completed performance opens.

B) Directors will be in good academic standing and have a theatre GPA of no less than a 3.0

C) Directors meeting the above criteria will post a resume and a semi-detailed proposal for their play on the Blackfriars board by the deadline each semester.
Deadlines are subject to change but for now they are as follows:
October 15th - Spring semester
April 1st - Fall semester

( If the money is going unused for a semester (not for the full year) a student who meets all the requirements can approach the student theatre committee with a detailed proposal and request the money. (the money for the semester, not the money for the whole year) The committee then decides whether or not to grant the student the money. )

* Further Note: If the money is applied for late, the amount awarded shall be lessened. Instead the director of the slot shall recieve only 200.

D) Directors should have been active members of Blackfriars for at least one semester preceding their submission (not including the current semester) ( It does not have to be the immediately preceding semester for Blackfriars realizes that conflicts arise in night classes and the Music Department.)

E) A committee of students and faculty will be established to recommend who is awarded the slot. The committee will consist of:
4 students - 2 with performing concentration
2 with technical concentration
2 faculty members will be chosen (at the convenience of the faculty) to oversee the committee.
This committee will be put into place at the first Blackfriars meeting of the new semester. ( If this fails to happen the committee can, in an emergency, be put in place during the semester, at the next available Meeting) The student members of the committee will serve on that committee for the whole semester unless one of them is proposing a play, graduating, etc. The faculty members may change from semester to semester.

F) Proposal outlines should include:
1) title of the play
2) number of characters
3) short synopsis of the play
4) technical support - set, prop list, costume list, crew
5) where the play will be performed
6) when the play will be performed
7) your own ideas about directing the play
8) budget breakdown i.e.-

royalties------------$100.00 props/mist/dry cleaning
posters----------------$10.00 --------------$135.00

G) Transfer students will provide information showing that they meet the criteria stated above from other schools or experience.

H) Blackfriars requires that directors must hold auditions for their show.

Proposed dispersal of funds

A) The first year $200.00 will be used to build furniture expressly for the purpose of student theatre and the lab. Every year after that up to $200.00 will be allotted for the upkeep of the furniture on an as need basis.

B) The remaining funds will be distributed amongst all eligible directors until either the funds are expended or the dollar limits for each show have been met. The money will be distributed into royalties, posters, programs, props, dry cleaning, etc. Total amount not to exceed $250.00

C) If possible the theatre department will set aside one weekend a semester in the lab for student theatre and will encourage one production in an alternative space. However, the lab has the same restrictions as Waterman Theatre and priority will be given to the acting and directing classes.

D) An admission fee may be charged but must go directly into the budget line. Donations may be accepted for events such as ACTF, etc.

Tech Support of Student Theatre in the Lab

A) The lab will be equipped with a tape deck and two speakers for the run of the show.

B) If the director would like to utilize a limited amount of costume, furniture, or props in stock they must submit a request in writing to the corresponding department no later than 4 weeks before opening. A set appointment must be scheduled to receive and replace the stock at that time---simulating rental---without a charge. Items that are borrowed from the costume shop that must be dry cleaned will not be released without a signed purchase order for the cleaning expenses.

*****Important Notes: Costumes or props CANNOT be cut or altered in any way.
The dance floor CANNOT be removed and the platforms
CANNOT be placed on top of it.

C) Lighting instruments in the lab will be decided upon by the Technical Director and the Technical Coordinator.

D) Directors will receive one prop box and its corresponding key for the rehearsal/run. Any and all items "rented" from stock must be locked up after each rehearsal. The director will be held accountable for all such items.

E) There will be NO access to the makeup cabinets.
Tech support in alternative spaces

A) Rehearsals will need to meet the requirements of the space, scheduling of the space will be the sole responsibility of the director.

B) At this time no lighting can be provided

C) A tape deck will be provided for sound

D) - {B,D and E} same as above

*****Important Note: Regardless of the space used rehearsals for student theatre can not be held after 11pm or before 7am.

Amendment 2/13/98
Number of productions per year has been decreased from 4 to 2. With one each semester. Meaning that instead of $250 per show, directors will receive $500.

Important Note: Other spaces can be used for student theatre:
Such spaces include;
Steeper Bell Auditorium
Room 102 Tyler
The Players Theatre
Time Pieces
(With some coaxing) – A room in Lanigan