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Blackfriars Theatre Organization

2016-2017 OFFICERS

 Cadi Hannold- President

Nicole Marlowe - Vice President

 Kelci Schilerf - Secretary

Megan Twamley - Treasurer

Ryan Benson Smith  - Parliamentarian


In the Spring of 1948 Oswego's then rather loosely organized and defined Dramatics Club, which had functioned for a number of years, became Blackfriars. The name was adopted at the suggestion of Dr. Erwin Palmer, then technical director & co-advisor to the group with Dr. Rupert Stroud. Since then the Blackfriars has grown and flourished under the advisorship of the following: William Teufel, 1948 - 1951; Mrs. Hilda Stahl Wagner, 1951 - 1952; Frank W. (Crane) Johnson, 1952 - 1954; Harold Hogstrom, 1954 - 1959; John W. Kingston, 1959 - 1979; John W. Mincher, 1979 - 1982; Jon R. Vermilye, 1982 - 1990; Ron Medici, 1990 - 2001, Jonel Langenfeld-Rial, 2001 - 2002, Paul Savas 2003 - 2004, Kelly Cullinan 2005-2006; Dr. Jessica Hester 2006-present. Financial Advisor, Kelly Cullinan 2005- 2013; Greg Brewster 2013-

The duties of all the elected officers is descibed in Article V, "Elected and
Appointed Officers and Their Duties," Sections 1 - 6 of the Blackfriars constitution.