The key to all programs is the wonderful laboratories that students enjoy. The following are the 12 laboratories in the Department of Technology:

  • Design - one of the most unique collections of design anywhere!
  • Technical Drawing - visual perceptive skills used for all  future labs
  • Computer Assisted Drawing - new computers with the latest software
  • Energy Technology - analyzing energy theories and use
  • Microcomputers/Communications - utilizing computers for learning and instruction
  • Transportation - land, marine and aerospace modules: engineering skills emphasized
  • Construction Systems - analysis of technology-systems built on-site
  • Electronics - theory and practice in all modern electronics
  • Molding and Forming  - polymer (synthetic) materials analyzed and processed
  • Precision Materials (metals family focus) - precise techniques for future teachers and  technologists
  • Materials Fabrication (forest product focus) - fabrication skills for teachers and managers
  • Micro-Teaching/Methods Laboratory - presenting and organizing instruction in one of the most modern facilities anywhere
  • In addition, there are the following rooms:
    • OTEA Lab - A student association run facility for after class work
    • Park Hall Auditorium - A state-of-the art, 200-seat advanced technology classroom