Sustainability Projects

Perk Up

To accompany our Tap In program, we extended our partnership with Cupanion to challenge SUNY Oswego students to reduce waste by utilizing reusable cups when drinking coffee. Over five weeks, more than 400 reusable cups were distributed, and more than 1800 cups were diverted from the SUNY Oswego waste stream.

For more information on Perk Up, please email the Office of Sustainability.

Tap In

We partnered with the company Cupanion to challenge SUNY Oswego students to reduce waste by utilizing reusable rather than disposable water bottles. Over 1300 students took our pledge and, over eight weeks, we were able to prevent 26,000 plastic bottles from entering the waste stream.

The program has won multiple awards, including the Case Study division of Recyclemania and the Emerging Designers award through AIGA Upstate.

For more information on Tap In, please visit the Tap In webpage or email the Office of Sustainability.


Bicycles are lent to students through our BikeShare program to encourage sustainable transportation on campus. Riding bicycles directly contributes to the reduction of our carbon footprint by reducing miles traveled in personal, fossil-fuel-powered vehicles.

For more information on BikeShare or biking at SUNY Oswego, please visit the BikeShare webpage or email the Office of Sustainability.

Bus Share

The Bus Share web application makes bus travel in Oswego a whole lot easier. Bus Share finds you the quickest bus routes in the city of Oswego. All you need to do is input where you want to go and where you are leaving from.

Try it out now

For more information on Bus Share or bus transportation in the city of Oswego, please visit the Bus Share web app or email the Office of Sustainability.

Clean Plate Club

We partnered with Auxiliary Services and Pathfinder dining hall to educate students about the amount of food waste that is created by campus dining halls.

An independent food-waste audit showed that Oswego students unknowingly waste up to a full pound of food per day. Given our student body size, this amounts to 120,000 pounds of food per semester or 240,000 pounds of food per academic year!

We shared ideas on how to reduce food waste through interactive games, tactile engagement and prizes in Pathfinder dining hall.

For more information on Clean Plate Club, please email the Office of Sustainability.

Only the best local and fresh food Local Food Initiatives

To showcase the importance of local food, SUNY Oswego and 12 other colleges participated in the record setting New York Campus Crunch on Oct. 24, 2014. Over 375 students, faculty and staff gathered in the Marano Campus Center to simultaneously take a bite of fresh New York apples grown and graciously donated by our own local apple orchard, Ontario Orchards. The event helped bring awareness to and build support for local food producers and processors and drew the attention of Senator Pattie Richie's office, who sent representative Mike Shank to share the senator's strong support and dedication to local New York state agriculture.

        Sustainability Speaker Series Sustainability Speaker Series

Throughout the academic year, experts in sustainability and topics related to sustainability will be visiting SUNY Oswego to educate students.

The 2014 fall semester lineup included Michael Maniates, who spoke about "Social Change, Power, and Sustainable Consumption" on Sept. 30, encouraging students to ask questions about power, social change and the quest for sustainability. On Oct. 16, Reverend Mark Kiyimba spoke on "Supporting orphans of HIV victims, HIV+ youth, and homeless LGBTI youth in Uganda" and standing up for the underprivileged people of Uganda and furthering social justice through sustainable living practices. Finally, on Oct. 28 Dr. Joanna Goplen presented on "The Psychology of Sustainable Action," exploring the people's mind and actions in relation to sustainability.