Earth Week

Here are the events for this year's Earth Week! We have plenty of fun things planned for each day such as DIY's, recipes, new movies every night, and so much more. Check us out @sustainabilibuddies on Instagram to keep updated!

Monday 4/20

- Plant-Based EatingAs a part of Earth Week, members from the Office of Sustainability and Rice Creek will lead a webinar showing how to cook up a tasty plant-based meal and dessert with foods likely in your pantry/easy to obtain. Below is a list of recommended ingredients, in case you would like to prepare ahead of time. As per usual, if you head to the grocery store, please take extreme sanitary precautions and do not go to the store if not needed. Ingredients are mostly a recommendation and substitutions are listed as needed. The event is scheduled to occur via a YouTube livestream at 4 pm on Monday, 4/20 (

Grain bowl:

  • Quinoa, whole-wheat couscous, or other grain
  • Fresh greens
  • Bell pepper, purple cabbage, or other veggies to eat fresh
  • Sweet potatoes or other root veggies
  • Onion
  • Extra-firm tofu or canned beans such as chickpeas
  • Tahini
  • Lemon
  • Vinegar (rice or apple cider)
  • Soy sauce or tamari
  • Olive oil
  • Garlic
  • Salt
  • pepper
  • Chili powder or Berberre seasoning
  • Garlic powder
  • Smoked paprika powder

No-bake peanut butter chocolate bars:

  • Creamy peanut butter (or any other nut butter)
  • Maple syrup
  • Coconut flour (replaceable with another type of flour, coconut makes it grain-free)
  • Vegan chocolate chips

- Netflix Watch Party: Grass is Greener:  Join us at 7:30pm with the Netflix Watch Party App. A google chrome add-on, Netflix Watch Party is the perfect way to watch Sustainable movies with all your friends!  Grass is Greener investigates the history of cannabis in the United States.  

Tuesday 4/21

- Netflix Watch Party: Chasing CoralJoin us at 7:30pm with the Netflix Watch Party App. A google chrome add-on, Netflix Watch Party is the perfect way to watch Sustainable movies with all your friends!  Chasing Coral explores our disappearing coral reefs.  

Wednesday 4/22

- Living Imperfectly SustainableIn this pre-recorded workshop, you’ll learn how to incorporate sustainable practices into your daily life without having to spend a fortune or make drastic changes to your routine. Change can sometimes seem like a burden, but with easy DIY ideas and creative ways to re-purpose items around your house, you can find a fun way to pass the time in quarantine all while feeling good about doing good for Mother Earth. In this workshop we’ll talk about zero-waste vs. low-waste, repurposing jars and containers, DIY cleaning products, buying food in bulk at Green Planet Grocery, and more! The workshop will be posted at 12pm on our Youtube channel ( as well as our Insatgram (@sustainabilibuddies) 

- Financial Sustainability & ESG Investing: This live webinar will be hosted by Kurt D'Angelo (BS ‘02, MS ‘07) from Equitable Advisors and moderated by Spencer Johnson from the Office of Sustainability. Gain insight into personal financial strategies and how they can incorporate environmentally conscious investments. Details will be shared on some helpful investment tools that make ESG Investing goals attainable for everyone. This webinar will also give the viewer the knowledge to be financially sustainable in unstable times. This will take place from 12:30-1:30pm and you can click here to join.

- Netflix Watch Party: Broken: Join us at 7:30pm with the Netflix Watch Party App. A google chrome add-on, Netflix Watch Party is the perfect way to watch Sustainable movies with all your friends!  Broken explores the negative effects of consumerism.  

Thursday 2/23

- Women's Health & Sustainability: Women’s rights have always been directly associated with the health of our planet and society. Come check out an interactive webpage here to learn more about the importance of supporting gender equity, sustainable menstrual tips, and how to get involved in women's rights movements.

- Netflix Watch Party: A Plastic Ocean: Join us at 7:30pm with the Netflix Watch Party App. A google chrome add-on, Netflix Watch Party is the perfect way to watch Sustainable movies with all your friends!  A Plastic Ocean investigates plastic pollution in our oceans.  

Friday 4/24

- Candidate Climate Scorecard: The 2020 Presidential Election will be held on Tuesday, November 3rd! On this day, the United States will not only be electing its commander-in-chief for the next four years, but its leader in environmental advocacy.  We put together a ‘Candidate Climate Scorecard’ to easily access their campaign history and positions on crucial environmental issues. This scorecard can be viewed on our Instagram (@sustainabilibuddies). Make sure to check your voter’s registration and polling station at

- Netflix Watch Party: More info to come!

Saturaday 4/25

- Get Groovy with Growing Mushrooms: Ever wonder what it takes to grow mushrooms in your house? Local mushroom man, Noah Johnson of Johnson Brothers Food Forest, will give background on the mushroom life cycle and some basic identification tips. Noah will provide examples of different substrates and techniques used in the cultivation of mushrooms. This talk will be posted on our Youtube channel (( and end with a live demonstration!  


- #SustainabilitySpotlightWe will be showcasing the sustainable actions of a variety of members around the campus via our #SustainabilitySpotlight social media campaign. This will be a fun way to engage with our students and showcase some of the awesome things people are doing around campus in the realm of sustainability. We want students and staff to remember that even though we might be socially distant we are still #TogetherOz.

- Earth Challenge: This Earth Week, sharpen up your citizen-science skills by engaging in #EarthChallenge. This year’s theme focuses on plastic and air pollution. Download the “Earth Challenge 2020” app and document the air quality where you are to add to the database that others, worldwide, are contributing to. Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@sustainabilibuddies) and watch our Instagram stories for Earth Challenge reminders and tidbits of information about how to actively engage in citizen science movements from home.

- Energy Conservation Social Media Campaign: The goal of this campaign is to spread awareness of the ability to mitigate excessive energy usage in our homes. With the nature of the pandemic causing so many of us to stay home, many people will subconsciously misuse energy in doing so. Keeping our energy usage at a minimum allows us to reduce our carbon footprint. With a few simple tips and tricks we can collectively conserve a profound amount of energy. More info to come on our Instagram (@sustainabilibuddies)

- #TrashTag Challenge: Through this social media initiative, participants will learn best strategies for minimizing the amount of waste they produce at home or in their dorm and proper disposal and recycling techniques.  Throughout the week, we will be posting on our Instagram and Facebook about ways to be more mindful with your trash even while in quarantine! Follow us and be on the lookout for our posts and stories. Make sure to tag your own posts about your sustainable living stories with #trashtagmydigs.