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Sustainability clubs and organizations

Eco Reps is a one-credit course that encourages students to become leaders of sustainable activism on campus and/or in the Oswego community. Eco Reps is designed for any student wanting to make an influence in the current system, as well as making a change that benefits themselves and future generations. The program allows the students free range to construct their own sustainable activities/projects. It challenges students to think about solutions to environmental problems and endure the process of implementation. By the end of the program, students have experience in being critical thinkers and problem solvers. Eco Reps is a great way for students to get involved on campus as well as in the community.

Carrotmob is a club under Enactus whose main goal is to make a positive green contribution to a business within the local community. We've had two mobs at the Shed in which we make a set menu during a certain time (5 to 8 p.m.) and they reinvest 40 percent of what was made during that time frame into a green improvement to there restaurant. The weeks before we sold pre sale tickets at $10 a meal and gave out a free Carrotmob t-shirt to whomever bought a ticket. They didn't make a green improvement this past mob because we want to raise more money first but after our first mob with them we were able to replace all their lighting with energy efficient LED lighting.

The Go Green Team is SUNY Oswego's only club on campus that focuses exclusively on sustainability. We aim to educate students, faculty, staff and the community about issues regarding environmental sustainability. The Go Green Team also advocates for sustainable change through a variety of club sponsored like beach and community cleanups, documentary screenings, and up-cycling contests, among other things. Please email for more information!

Students for Global Change (S4GC) offers members the opportunities to identify, discuss and act as members not only within a local community but as members within the global community. S4GC is a forum for ongoing dialogue concerning issues that press humanity. Through the use of various activities, students will be supported in discovering for themselves the reason behind and implications of global issues. Further, this organization seeks out ways in which its members can impact those issues and challenge students to be active.

In spring 2013, S4GC attended and participated in the Sustainability Fair on campus by presenting two tables; one for our club and one for our club members. We also had a week long of events for Mother EarthWeek. We had different activities and presentations on clean energy, water, pollution, and various other topics. S4GC also hosted a Campus wide contest for a Lake/Campus Clean-Up on Earth Day, and winners received a basket full of donated items from local stores and shops. In past years, S4GC has had water filter workshops, a hydrofracking panel, composting teach-ins, many lake/campus clean ups, and worked with charities and organizations to raise awareness for areas in the topic of sustainability and fundraise to help in projects around the globe.

Please contact Sarah Hahn at or for more information!