Frequently Asked Questions - Winter/Summer Sessions

Online Courses
Course Cost & Payment
New Non-matriculated Students


1.  Do I need to check my SUNY Oswego email?

Yes - course-related information in addition to the bill for your course(s) will be sent to your Oswego email account.  To access your SUNY Oswego email, go to .  In the “Services” section click on “Read Campus Email” and enter your Laker NetID and password to continue on to your email account.

2.  What if I want to take more credits than allowed by policy during Winter Session (4 credit hours) / Summer Sessions (15 credit hours)?
Overload guidance can be found on the Forms page of the Registration and Records (Registrar’s Office) website.
Non-matriculated/non-degree students can send their request to or as applicable.

3.  If I take a course during Winter Session/Summer Sessions will it count toward my Excelsior Scholarshsip and/or the Oswego Guarantee (ROI)?
Yes, if you take a course during Winter Session/Summer Sessions it will count toward your Excelsior Scholarshsip and/or the Oswego Guarantee (ROI).  In either case you will need to pay out-of-pocket for the tuition and fees.


1.  Where can I find the list of courses being offered during Winter Session/Summer Sessions?

Course Availability is the site that contains a list of courses being offered during any semester/session.  Select the term (Winter 2017, Summer 2017 etc.) that you are interested in and click “Continue”.  At the next screen you can filter the list by Subject, Course Number, Attribute, etc.  The Advanced Search option will provide additional searchable fields such as Instructor and then click “Search”. 

2.  When will the Winter Session/Summer Sessions course lists be available?
The course list for Winter Session will be available in October and the course list for Summer Sessions will be available in February.

3.  When can I register for Winter Session/Summer Sessions courses?
You will be able to register for Winter Session courses in October and you will be able to register for Summer Sessions courses in March.

4.  When are courses cancelled?
Courses are cancelled approximately 7 days prior to the start of each session.

5.  How do I drop a course?
A.  Before a course starts - you can go into your myoswego account and drop yourself from the class.

B. After a course starts – you must request that the instructor drop you from the class by sending an email to the Registrar ( requesting that you be dropped.  The instructor must include the last true date of attendance. 

       Note:  The drop date will determine your financial liability for the course.

6.  If I drop a course what is my financial liability for tuition and fees?
The Student Accounts Withdrawal and Drops webpage identifies the financial liability and is based on the date you drop the course.  This is a sliding scale based on the duration of the course (3-week, 6-week, 12-week, etc.)


1.  Is there a list of all the online courses offered by SUNY institutions?

Yes, OPEN SUNY provides a list of all online courses offered by SUNY institutions. 

2.  How do I access my online course in Blackboard?
Your course is located at: - Follow the on-screen directions to access your course.  If you have never taken an online course before the Blackboard Learn Student Orientation may be helpful to you.  If you have difficulty logging into Blackboard please call the SUNY Oswego Help Desk at 315-312-3456.  

3.  When will I be able to access my online course?
You will be able to access your online course during the week prior to the course start date.  You will receive an email one week prior to the course start and on the first day of the course to remind you that your online course will open shortly or is starting.


1.  How much does a course cost?
The Student Accounts webpage outlines the cost of courses during Winter Session and Summer Sessions.

2.  How will I know when payment is due for my course(s)?
The Student Accounts Office will send a bill for your course(s), including a due date, to your Oswego email account. 

Please make suje to pay your bill or make payment arrangements (financial aid otr payment plan) by the date shown in order to retain your seat in a course.

3.  Are payment plans available for Winter Session & Summer Sessions?

Yes, informal payment plans are now available for both Winter Session and Summer Sessions.  Please contact the Student Accounts Office to make arrangements.

4.  What happens if I don’t pay my bill?
Approximately 12 days prior to the start of each session Student Accounts will de-register students who have not paid at least 1/4 of the balance due.  As a result, you will lose your seat in the class.  Students who are de-registered may be able to re-register but this will be on a space-available basis.

5.  If I am de-registered for a course can I re-register for the same course?
Yes, if there are still seats remaining you may re-register for the course

6.  How do I find out if there are additional fees such as testing fees associated with my course?
Additional fee information can be found by clicking on a specific course title in Course Availability.  The “Class Details” screen will appear; click on “Fees” for information pertaining to your course.   MAT 158 is an example of a course with additional fees.

7.  If I want to use financial aid to pay for my course(s) what should I do?


1.  When will grades be available?
The date that grades will be posted will be shown on the main page of the Registration and Records (Registrar’s Office) website.

2.  How do I access my grades?
Students access term grades using the View Grades link or the Academic Transcript link on the Student Profile (Student Records tab) in myOswego .


1.  Will a course offered by SUNY Oswego meet degree program requirements at my home institution?
Prior to registration, you should consult with your advisor to ensure that the course you wish to take will meet your program requirements.  There may be an “Off-Campus Approval Form” required by your home institution that must be completed prior to registration.

2.  As a new non-matriculated/non-degree student, how do I create a myOswego account?
In order to register for a course create a non-matriculated undergraduate or graduate student account.  

Follow the prompts to complete the required information. 

3.  I’ve never taken a course with SUNY Oswego before what should I do?

A.  The first step is to create a non-matriculated undergraduate or graduate student account. Follow the prompts to complete the required information. 

B.  If you created an undergraduate account you will receive an email from the Registrar’s Office in a couple of days with information pertaining to registration. 
Contact Information for the Registrar’s Office: Phone  315.312.2136, Email

C.  If you created a graduate account you will be contacted by the Graduate Studies Office and assisted with the registration process. 
Contact Information for the Graduate Studies Office: Phone  315-312-3152, Email

4.  How do I register for a course?
You can register for a course through your myOswego account.

5.  As a non-matriculated/non-degree student, how do I address the pre-req(s) listed for the course that I want to take?
In the registration area of your myOswego account, there is a “Prerequisite Waiver” box that you must complete and submit prior to registration. By submitting the Prerequisite Waiver, you are agreeing to provide proof of the prerequisite requirement if the professor requests it.

6.  How do I activate my SUNY Oswego email account (Laker NetID Activation)?
To activate your SUNY Oswego email complete the required information and click Submit.  This information includes your birthdate and your nine-digit SUNY Oswego Campus ID Number.  You will receive confirmation once you have successfully activated your SUNY Oswego email.

7.  How do I know what textbooks are required for my class?
Textbook information can be found by clicking on a specific course title in Course Availability.  The “Class Details” screen will appear; click on “Bookstore Links” and then “Follett Bookstore” for information about textbooks for your class.

8.  Will I automatically receive an official transcript that I can submit to my home institution?
Transcripts are not issued automatically. You must request an official transcript from the Registrar’s Office.  Transcripts include all coursework taken at SUNY Oswego, both undergraduate and graduate level.