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Code of Student Rights

Responsibilities and Conduct

The college mission is to foster learning and encourage students' educationally purposeful activity. The Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct is intended to provide students with an explicit statement of the conditions and expectations that are necessary to sustain the educationally purposeful character of our college environment. The Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct (hereafter referred to as the Code) was enacted by the Student Association Senate February 23, 1970, and adopted by the College Council October 21, 1971.

Generally, the Code governs the conduct of students and takes precedence over all other policies and procedures governing student behavior. In addition, conduct by students, staff, faculty and guests/visitors to the campus is governed by the Regulations and Procedures for Maintaining Public Order on Campuses of the State University. Generally, where student conduct allegedly violates standards in both the Code and the Regulations for Public Order, the disciplinary procedures of the Code will be followed. These two documents are complementary.