How to Get Involved

The Student Association is an outlet for students to get involved in the nitty-gritty of SUNY Oswego and get the voice of the students heard.  There are a few ways to go about this and we encourage you to look at what is available. 


This position is one of the most important positions one can hold and walks a fine line between an administrative staff member and student representative.  As President, you will be expected to attend administrative meetings, hold conversations with the college President, manage a director staff, listen and act for the student body, increase and maintain student involvement in S.A., participate in on-campus events, and get involved in off-campus issues with the Mayor and Aldermen of the city of Oswego.  The point of this position is to bring the needs of the students to the attention of the administration and work towards meeting those needs.  Each President has their own idea of how run the Student Association and how to go about this.  Being President allows a student the ability to tackle an issue they have seen on campus and is extremely rewarding.  As rewarding as this position is, understand it is a time commitment and comes with large expectations

Vice  President:

This position is one of the three executive positions.  The Vice President organizes and runs the Senate.  This position involves a great deal of paperwork, legislative editing, reading of the code and constitution, leadership, and is expected to make sure the organization is performing the duties required by its own law.  Typically, this position is filled by someone who has been Senate for at least one year but can be filled by any student. 


One of the ways many people typically get involved is by joining Senate.  Senate requires at least 12 members to function and has three primary functions as a whole:  control the 1.3 million dollars received each year, maintain the governance and relationship with the 180 organizations currently under SA, and speak to the administration, college, state and country as a representative of the student body.  To do this, one must get 50 signatures to represent their housing population (residence hall or off-campus) or 100 signatures to be an at-large senator (a representative of the student body as a whole).  The form can either be printed out by downloading the form on the side or by stopping into the Point in the Campus Center.  Once the form is completed, please turn it into the Vice President's Mailbox or to the Secretary.  Senate takes place on Tuesdays at 6pm; you must be able to attend this meeting in order to be a senator.

The Court:

If you are interested in law, talking about legal issues, and don't mind interacting with people, the court system might be for you.  There are two justice positions and one Chief Justice position.  In any of these positions, you would be reading contracts of new and re-registering clubs, working with the Vice President and Pro Tempore to uphold the Constitution and Code, as well as presiding over court cases.  To apply for this position, either email the President ( or the court system (  If there are free positions, you may be considered for the position.


Directors and Assistant Director positions vary from President to President based on Student feedback and yearly agenda.  Most Director positions are hired in April and May for the next year but vacancies do occur.  Directors work on programs and try to reach out to the student population based on their job description.  For this year's listing of directors, please stop by The Point and ask our secretary or email the current President (

Director of  Finance:

This position is just as important as the Presidential position.  Director of Finance oversees all expenditures of all the clubs and organizations governed by the Student Association.  This position does not technically require a background in accounting or financial management but it would be advised.  The Finance Director will be expected to hold treasurer training for all organizations, review and sign purchase orders, update and review the Finance Policy, collect and submit all documentation to our auditors, interact with our insurance agency and policy, work with our accountants, and deal with any and all financial issues.  Being the Finance Director is time consuming and requires patience and people skills.  This is position requires one to apply, much like a director, but will be reviewed by a committee.  If hired, the job recipient would be required to stay for the entirety of the summer and receive training from the previous years' Director of Finance.  Once hired, the Director is allowed to find two competent assistants and have them apply to the President, much like a director.  The assistants work for the year with the Director of Finance to accomplish certain goals and to train or inform clubs and organizations on financial matters.