Student Emergency Fund

These are funds designated to help students hardship or emergency situations.

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Students Receive Direct Aid from Emergency Fund

Emergency Funds available for students in need

What's Covered?

  • Food
  • Utility bills
  • Part of rent expenses
  • Travel
  • Cost of school supplies
  • Child care
  • Medical not covered by insurance

What's Not Covered*

  • Tuition or fees
  • Long term expenses

*Amounts disbursed are intended to cover immediate needs

Can I Donate?

  1. Visit the Support SUNY Oswego Page
  2. Check that "select designation" has "Student Emergency Fund" listed.
  3. Enter your gift amount
  4. Follow the rest of the prompts and submit

What's The Application Process?

  1. For students facing an unexpected hardship or an emergency, please email
  2. The Associate Dean of Students or another member of the office will then arrange to speak with the student and determine eligibility and any other resources available.
  3. Please be advised that some funding requires an application process. This will be discussed with applicants.
  4. The Dean of Students Office will work with other offices on campus to align services and to help complete applications received.
  5. We will work with the appropriate campus offices in order to ensure that students receive funding in a timely manner.
  6. The Dean of Students will follow up with students on a regular basis.

Amounts given to students are limited, thus multiple requests may not be approved. The Dean of Students Office will urge students to work with the Financial Aid Office to work on other funding options to meet long term needs.

Emergency fund amounts given to students do not impact Financial Aid packages or other funding given to the student by SUNY Oswego.

Dean Of Students

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