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This application is designed to help you find resources on campus based on various concerns. Please select the category associated with your concern, search for your concern, or check our alphabetical listing of concerns.

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Financial Well-being

Financial Well-being encourages balancing our perspectives about money and budgets, productive ways to handle stress related to finances, and practical techniques to manage, earn, spend, and save money.

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Student Emergency Fund

The fund was established in response to the COVID-19 crisis. The fund has helped students with transportation, past due utility bills and food insecurity.

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Academic Accommodations:

Learning Experiences:

Shifting to College life:

  • Advisement CenterThe Advisement Center helps students transition from high school and other institutions to the SUNY Oswego community to help you thrive academically and socially.


  • Office of Learning ServicesOffers free academic tutoring services to students at SUNY Oswego. Includes the tutoring center and the writing center.

Out of Class Notice:

Students who are absent from class for three or more consecutive days may request an Out of Class Notice be sent on their behalf. The Dean of Students office will send the notice out to the student's advisor and instructors. The notification is sent via Starfish and the student receives a copy.

The Out of Class Notice may be requested by anyone who is aware of the student's situation. The student may submit documentation to the Dean of Students office.

Students are welcome to contact the Dean of Students office if there are questions at deanofstudents@oswego.edu or 315-312-5483.

Please note, as stated in the Student Handbook, "students must follow the attendance policy for each class. This notification is not an excuse nor does it obligate the faculty in any way. The notification is merely and attempt to facilitate faculty-student contact, particularly in emergency or urgent situations that require the student to be absent."

Diversity and Inclusion

*Waste baskets can be found in the stalls of the men's rooms in Funnelle, MCC, and the Library.

*Description of the links were pulled from their website

Financial, Food, and Clothing

Campus Food Pantry and Dining Halls:

  • Dining HallsSUNY Oswego has five dining halls and other eateries and cafes. Their range of convenient dining options has you covered.
  • SHOPAn on campus food pantry for students, faculty, and staff to use.

Financial Well-being:

  • Financial Well-being encourages balancing our perspectives about money and budgets, productive ways to handle stress related to finances, and practical techniques to manage, earn, spend, and save money. 

Student Emergency Funding:

Thrift Stores and Soup Kitchens:

  • Salvation Army (Oswego)Provides various social service programs, character building programs, soup kitchens and food pantries. 
  • Thrifty ShopperYour Oswego Thrifty Shopper purchase helps feed hungry people and shelter people experiencing homelessness.
General, Transportation, and Technology

Getting Involved:

Transportation and Parking:

Technology Assistance:

Health, Safety, and Wellbeing


  • Accessibility Resources: Accessibility Resources provides support services, adaptive technologies, and other services to help all students succeed.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention:

Campus Safety:

Mental Health and Suicide Prevention:

Sexual and Interpersonal Violence Reporting and Resources:

  • Title IX: Sexual and Interpersonal resources for confidential consultation and reporting.
  • Services to Aid Families (SAF): Domestic violence and sexual assault support. 24-hour hotline: 315.342.1600 or 315.342.7618 or 1.877.342.7618 (toll-free)
Legal Information and Preferred Name Policy

Legal Services and Information:

Preferred Name:

Non-Traditional Students, Students Who Are Parents, and Veterans and Military

Dean Of Students

501 Culkin
Oswego, NY 13126


Phone: 315.312.5483


Summer Hours: 8am-4pm