Assessment Team

Assessment Team Organizational Structure

Steering Committee:   

Provides overall leadership for the Divisional assessment process. Members include Dr. Kathy Evans, Christy Huynh, Sara Rebeor, Michele May, and Karen Archibee.

1.  Training & Development: Coordinates professional development opportunities related to assessment for the Division, including specific opportunities within departments; develops assessment resources to support the Assessment Team and the Division, including online and print resources; helps departments identify their assessment goals and provides support as necessary. 
Members include Karen Archibee, Jenni Hoffmann, Sara Rebeor and Christy Huynh

2.  Marketing & Communications:  Develops strategies to disseminate the outcomes of our Divisional assessment efforts through online and print resources; markets the Division's ability to use assessment results for continuous improvement.  
Members to be determined

Assessment Team  Members

Ms. Karen  Archibee Admissions
Mr.  Jerome Oberst Admissions
Mr. Jefferson O'Connell Athletics
Mr. Michael Flaherty Auxiliary Services
Ms. Barbara St.Michel Campus Life
Ms. Christy Huynh Career Services
Ms.  Jane LeBlanc Counseling Services
Ms.  Jennie Hoffman Financial Aid
Ms.  Allison  German Health Services
Ms.  Shelly  Sloan Lifestyles
Ms. Alyssa Steele Orientation
Ms.  Sara  Rebeor Residence Life & Housing
Mr. Daniel Roberts Campus Life
Dr. Kathleen Evans Assistant Vice President
Ms. Michele May Career Services/Student Dev.

Team Meeting Minutes

Sub-Committee Meeting Minutes

1.  Steering