Summer/Winter costs

Summer and winter tuition rates are the same as Fall and Spring. The difference on total cost is the type of student you are, the amount of credits you take, and the amount of fees charged during summer or winter sessions. Failure to pay 12 days prior to the start of each summer and winter session will lead to de-registration. There are no max credit costs on summer or winter tuition. All billing notifications are done electronically. An email notice will be sent to the student and authorized users.

New York Residents Undergraduate Tuition Graduate Tuition MBA Tuition
Students residing in New York for at least 12 months. $295 per credit $471 per credit $625 per credit
Out-of-State Residents
Students residing outside New York. $708 per credit $963 per credit $1,016 per credit
Online Out-of-State Residents
Rates apply to non-resident students enrolled in a registered online program and have not had a presence in NYS for one year. View Registered Online Programs. $353 per credit $565 per credit $750 per credit

Summer fees

Fee description Cost
College fee $1.70 per credit
Mary Walker Health Fee $17.37 per credit
Student activity fee $8 flat fee
Technology fee $19.50 per credit

Fee descriptions

Winter fees

Fee Description Cost
College fee $1.70 per credit
Technology fee $19.50 per credit
Athletic fee* $19.45 per credit
*Graduate students are not required to pay the athletic fee.
**Tuition, fees, and costs are subject to change without notice.

Fee descriptions